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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Studentia Jockulus Q52259972 1
The Princess and the Clown Q52259973 2
The French Deception Q52259974 3
Midnight Snack Club Q52259975 4
Reckoning Q52259976 5
Memphre Blues Q52259977 6
Scourge of the Frankenrival Q52259978 7
Mixted Up Doubles Q52259979 8
30/Love Q52259980 9
Very Supersticious Q52259981 10
Big Adjustment Q52259982 11
Squib Inc. Q52259984 12
Curve Balls Q52259985 13
Renewal Q52259986 14
The Powers That Be Q52259987 15
The Choice Q52259989 16
Seedy Reputation Q52259990 17
Racket Strings and Vanity Mirrors Q52259991 18
Love Letter Q52261355 19
King Pong Q52261356 20
Picture Perfect Q52261357 21
Justin Time Q52261359 22
Eurocrush Q52261360 23
Ghost of Chance Q52261361 24
Cascade Q52261362 25
The Final Cut Q52261363 26
Return of a King Q52261364 27
Fixed Doubles Q52261366 28
Every Dog Has It's Day Q52261367 29
Fortunate Son Q52261368 30
Break Point Q52261369 31
The Real Dirt Q52261371 32
Anger Management Q52261372 33
Lord of the Fries Q52261373 34
About a Girl Q52261375 35
The Trial Q52261376 36
The Agent Game Q52261377 37
Comfort Zones Q52261379 38
Highway 101 Q52261380 39
Volley of the Dolls Q52261381 40
You Can't Go Home Q52261382 41
Odd Couples Q52261384 42
Playing With Matches Q52261385 43
The Slow Burn Q52261386 44
Foul Play Q52261387 45
Between a Brock and a Hard Place Q52261389 46
Road Trip Q52261390 47
Over the Line Q52261391 48
Except it Happened Like This Q52261392 49
War Is An Ugly Thing Q52261393 50
With Friends Like These Q52261394 51
Lucas in the Sky Q52261395 52
The Man Without An Ace Q52261396 53
Charity of Fire Q52261397 54

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