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Data quality issues

No issues found at the season level, but check the table below for missing data.

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q48818303 — Automan, season 1
Automan Q48818836 1 1
Staying Alive while Running a High Flash Dance Fever Q48818838 2 2
The Great Pretender Q48818839 3 3
Ships in the Night Q48818841 4 4
Unreasonable Facsimile Q48818842 5 5
Flashes and Ashes Q48818844 6 6
The Biggest Game in Town Q48818846 7 7
Renegade Run Q48818848 8 8
Murder MTV Q48818849 9 9
Murder, Take One Q48818850 10 10
Zippers Q48818852 11 11
Death by Design Q48818854 12 12
Club Ten Q48818856 13 13

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