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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
A Stitch In Time Q18168087 1
Fast Times Q18167866 2
Wasting Time Q51265979 3
A Matter of Time Q51265981 4
A Test of Time Q51265984 5
Time's Up Q51265986 6
The Politics of Time Q51265988 7
Playtime Q51265990 8
Family Time Q51265992 9
Endtimes Q51265993 10
Second Chances Q51265994 11
Split Second Q51265995 12
Second Thoughts Q51265996 13
Second Skin Q51265997 14
Second Opinion Q51265998 15
Second Truths Q51265999 16
Second Degree Q51266001 17
Second Listen Q51266002 18
Seconds Q51266003 19
Second Wave Q51266004 20
Second Guessed Q51266005 21
Second Last Q51266007 22
Second Time Q51266009 23
Minute by Minute Q51266010 24
Minute Man Q51266011 25
Minute to Win It Q51266012 26
A Minute Changes Everything Q51266014 27
30 Minutes to Air Q51266015 28
Wasted Minute Q51266017 29
Waning Minute Q51266019 30
So Do Our Minutes Hasten Q51266020 31
Minute of Silence Q51266022 32
Revolutions Per Minute Q51266023 33
3 Minutes to Midnight Q51266024 34
The Dying Minutes Q51266026 35
Last Minute Q51266027 36
Lost Hours Q22906587 37
Rush Hour Q51266029 38
Power Hour Q51266031 39
Zero Hour Q51266033 40
The Desperate Hours Q51266034 41
Final Hour Q51266035 42

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