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Data quality issues

No issues found at the season level, but check the table below for missing data.

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Smells Q7544399 1
Gas Q5526279 2
Contest Q5165144 3
Apocalypse Q4780065 4
's Up Q4540525 5
Accident Q4672552 6
Digger Q5275623 7
Culture Q5193439 8
Burglary Q4998657 9
Parade Q7134080 10
Holy Q5884872 11
's Out Q4540524 12
Hole Q5879939 13
Terror Q7703832 14
Break Q4959241 15
Dough Q5301075 16
Finger Q5450193 17
Carnival Q5044076 18

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