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Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'follows' but no 'followed by': Allen (Q4731495), The Greatest Story Ever Told (Q28419527)
Allen (Q4731495) follows One Hundred (Q7092738), but One Hundred (Q7092738) followed by Allen Part One (Q51263985)
The number of episodes actually found in season None (140) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (139)
1 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Allen Q4731495 [Missing]
Rabbot Q7278654 1 101
Escape from Leprechaupolis Q51263825 2
Bus of the Undead Q51263827 3
Mayhem of the Mooninites Q51263828 4
Balloonenstein Q51263830 5
Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto Q51263831 6
Ol' Drippy Q51263833 7
Revenge of the Mooninites Q51263836 8
MC Pee Pants Q51263839 9
Circus Q51263841 10
Dumber Days Q51263842 11
Love Mummy Q51263845 12
Dumber Dolls Q51263846 13
Interfection Q51263847 14
Bad Replicant Q51263848 15
PDA Q51263851 16
Mail-Order Bride Q51263852 17
Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Q51263853 18
Super Computer Q51263855 19
Super Birthday Snake Q51263857 20
Super Bowl Q51263859 21
Super Hero Q51263860 22
Super Model Q51263861 23
Super Spore Q51263862 24
Super Sirloin Q51263864 25
Super Squatter Q51263866 26
Super Trivia Q51263869 27
Broodwich Q51263870 28
The Meat Zone Q51263871 29
Universal Remonster Q51263874 30
Total Re-Carl Q51263875 31
Revenge of the Trees Q51263879 32
Frat Aliens Q51263881 33
Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary Q51263882 34
Kidney Car Q51263883 35
The Cubing Q51263884 36
The Shaving Q51263886 37
The Clowning Q51263888 38
The Dressing Q51263889 39
The Q51263892 40
The Cloning Q51263895 41
The Last One Q51263896 42
Video Ouija Q51263897 43
Unremarkable Voyage Q51263899 44
Remooned Q51263900 45
Gee Whiz Q51263901 46
eDork Q51263903 47
Robositter Q51263905 48
Little Brittle Q51263906 49
Moon Master Q51263907 50
Dusty Gozongas Q51263908 51
Diet Q51263910 52
T-Shirt of the Living Dead Q51263912 53
Hypno-Germ Q51263914 54
Carl Q51263916 55
Dirtfoot Q51263918 56
Boost Mobile Q51263919 57
Deleted Scenes Q51263920 58
Dickesode Q51263922 59
Handbanana Q51263924 60
Party All the Time Q51263927 61
Global Grilling Q51263928 62
Grim Reaper Gutters Q51263930 63
Moonajuana Q51263931 64
Bart Oates Q51263933 65
Antenna Q51263935 66
Ezekial Q51263937 67
Carl Wash Q51263938 68
Boston Q51263939 69
Robots Everywhere Q51263941 70
Sirens Q51263942 71
Couples Skate Q51263944 72
Reedickyoulus Q51263946 73
Hoppy Bunny Q51263948 74
Laser Lenses Q51263949 75
Dummy Love Q51263950 76
The Marines Q51263951 77
Bible Fruit Q51263952 78
Gene E. Q51263953 79
Shake Like Me Q51263954 80
She Creature Q51263956 81
Chick Magnet Q51263958 82
The Creature from Plaque Lagoon Q51263960 83
Time Machine Q51263962 84
2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five Q51263964 85
Fry Legs Q51263966 86
Der Inflatable Fuhrer Q51263968 87
Last Last One Forever and Ever Q6494438 88 610
Rubberman Q51263969 89
Eggball Q51263970 90
Multiple Meat Q51263972 91
Monster Q51263973 92
Rabbot Redux Q51263974 93
A PE Christmas Q51263975 94
Larry Miller Hair System Q51263976 95
IAMAPOD Q51263977 96
Hands On a Hamburger Q51263978 97
Juggalo Q51263980 98
Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula Q51263983 99
One Hundred Q7092738 100 712
Allen Part One Q51263985 101
Allen Part Two Q51263986 102
Intervention Q51263988 103
Freedom Cobra Q51263990 104
The Creditor Q51263991 105
Vampirus Q51263992 106
Last Dance for Napkin Lad Q51263993 107
Wi-tri Q51263994 108
Jumpy George Q51263996 109
Lasagna Q51263997 110
Big Bro Q51264000 111
Chicken and Beans Q51264001 112
Shirt Herpes Q51264003 113
Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken Q51264005 114
The Granite Family Q51264006 115
Bookie Q51264007 116
Fightan Titan Q51264009 117
Buddy Nugget Q51264011 118
Zucotti Manicotti Q51264013 119
Totem Pole Q51264014 120
Muscles Q51264016 121
The Dudies Q51264017 122
Merlo Sauvignon Blanco Q51264019 123
Banana Planet Q51264021 124
Working Stiffs Q51264024 125
Skins Q51264027 126
Freda Q51264029 127
Storage Zeebles Q51264030 128
Piranha Germs Q51264031 129
Spacecadeuce Q51264032 130
Mouth Quest Q51264034 131
Brain Fairy Q51264036 132
The Hairy Bus Q51264038 133
Sweet C Q51264039 134
Knapsack! Q51264041 135
Rabbit, Not Rabbot Q51264042 136
Hospice Q51264046 137
The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It) Q51264048 138
The Greatest Story Ever Told Q28419527 139

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