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Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'followed by' but no 'follows': Pilot (Q7194333), Pilot (Q7194333)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q2338668 (14) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (13)

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q2338668 — Awake, season 1
Pilot Q7194333 1 1 1ATR79
Pilot Q7194333 1 1 1ATR79
The Little Guy Q7747617 2 2 1ATR01
Guilty Q5616366 3 3 1ATR02
Kate Is Enough Q6375554 4 4 1ATR08
Oregon Q7101027 5 5 1ATR03
That's Not My Penguin Q7710999 6 6 1ATR04
Ricky's Tacos Q7332018 7 7 1ATR05
Nightswimming Q12859192 8 8 1ATR06
Game Day Q5519840 9 9 1ATR07
Slack Water Q7538396 10 10 1ATR09
Say Hello to My Little Friend Q7428930 11 11 1ATR10
Two Birds Q7858837 12 12 1ATR11
Turtles All the Way Down Q7856474 13 13 1ATR12

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