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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Pilot Q52678960 1
Rebirth Q52678962 2
Reins of a Waterfall Q52678964 3
Gravedancing Q52678965 4
There Is Another Sky Q52678966 5
Know Thy Enemy Q52678968 6
The Imperfections of Memory Q52678969 7
Ghosts in the Machine Q52678970 8
End of Line Q52678971 9
Unvanquished Q52678972 10
Retribution Q52678974 11
Things We Lock Away Q52678975 12
False Labor Q52678977 13
Blowback Q52678978 14
The Dirteaters Q52678980 15
The Heavens Will Rise Q52678981 16
Here Be Dragons Q52678983 17
Apotheosis Q52678984 18

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