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Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'followed by' but no 'follows': Pilot (Q11096052), Darkness on the Edge of Town (Q16555341)
More than one episode had a 'follows' but no 'followed by': Darkness on the Edge of Town (Q16555341), Irreconcilable Differences (Q51581144)
The Undertaking (Q16639871) followed by Darkness on the Edge of Town (Q16555341), but Darkness on the Edge of Town (Q16555341) follows nothing
The number of episodes actually found in season None (127) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (150)

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Pilot Q11096052 1 296818
Honor Thy Father Q10945181 2
Lone Gunmen Q9023621 3
An Innocent Man Q8197992 4
Damaged Q16555134 5
Legacies Q21075036 6
Muse of Fire Q16609655 7
Vendetta Q16645725 8
Year's End Q16648763 9
Burned Q16539383 10
Trust But Verify Q16643013 11
Vertigo Q16645902 12
Betrayal Q17622803 13
The Odyssey Q16639693 14
Dodger Q16557830 15
Dead to Rights Q16555590 16
The Huntress Returns Q16639564 17
Salvation Q16628122 18
Unfinished Business Q16644267 19
Home Invasion Q16575712 20
The Undertaking Q16639871 21
Darkness on the Edge of Town Q16555341 22 412
Darkness on the Edge of Town Q16555341 22 412
Darkness on the Edge of Town Q16555341 22 412
Darkness on the Edge of Town Q16555341 22 412
Sacrifice Q16627738 23
City of Heroes Q16549334 24
Identity Q16577364 25
Broken Dolls Q16539026 26
Crucible Q16553793 27
League of Assassins Q16589800 28
Keep Your Enemies Closer Q16586458 29
State v. Queen Q16636090 30
The Scientist Q16639798 31
Three Ghosts Q16640101 32
Blast Radius Q17195449 33
Blind Spot Q16538100 34
Tremors Q16642454 35
Heir to the Demon Q16574274 36
Time of Death Q16640335 37
The Promise Q16639743 38
Suicide Squad Q16636526 39
Birds of Prey Q15993780 40
Deathstroke Q16555613 41
The Man Under the Hood Q16639650 42
Seeing Red Q16629700 43
City of Blood Q17195457 44
Streets of Fire Q17630704 45
Unthinkable Q16913150 46
The Calm Q18285639 47
Sara Q18286427 48
Corto Maltese Q18397866 49
The Magician Q18891934 50
The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak Q18416478 51
Guilty Q18644217 52
Draw Back Your Bow Q18590498 53
The Brave and the Bold Q18643903 54 3J5158
The Climb Q18663840 55
Left Behind Q18759054 56
Midnight City Q18924451 57
Uprising Q18924459 58
Canaries Q19006894 59
The Return Q19219879 60
Nanda Parbat Q19592399 61
The Offer Q19593103 62
Suicidal Tendencies Q20021622 63
Public Enemy Q20021586 64
Broken Arrow Q20021575 65
The Fallen Q20021580 66
Al Sah-him Q20021574 67
This Is Your Sword Q21042659 68
My Name Is Oliver Queen Q20021584 69
Green Arrow Q21006301 70 3J5801
The Candidate Q21077068 71
Restoration Q21484178 72
Beyond Redemption Q21484185 73
Haunted Q21484186 74
Lost Souls Q21484188 75
Brotherhood Q21484189 76
Legends of Yesterday Q21484190 77
Dark Waters Q21852166 78
Blood Debts Q48781384 79
A.W.O.L. Q48781385 80
Unchained Q25413453 81
Sins of the Father Q27877325 82
Code of Silence Q48781394 83
Taken Q25413608 84
Broken Hearts Q48781397 85
Beacon of Hope Q48781398 86
Eleven-Fifty-Nine Q24940472 87
Canary Cry Q24941519 88
Genesis Q25414580 89
Monument Point Q48781401 90
Lost in the Flood Q48781403 91
Schism Q25414828 92
Legacy Q28517940 93
The Recruits Q28502370 94
A Matter of Trust Q48781450 95
Penance Q28517947 96
Human Target Q50392502 97
So It Begins Q50392503 98
Vigilante Q50392504 99
Invasion! Q28518213 100 T27.13208
What We Leave Behind Q50392505 101
Who are you? Q50392506 102
Second Chances Q50392507 103
Bratva Q50392508 104
Spectre of the Gun Q50392510 105
The Sin-Eater Q50392512 106
Fighting Fire with Fire Q50392513 107
Checkmate Q50392514 108
Kapiushon Q30634955 109
Disbanded Q50392516 110
Dangerous Liaisons Q50392517 111
Underneath Q50392518 112
Honor Thy Fathers Q50392519 113
Missing Q50392520 114
Lian Yu Q50392521 115
Fallout Q50392522 116
Tribute Q50392523 117
Next of Kin Q50392524 118
Reversal Q50392525 119
Deathstroke Returns Q50392526 120
Promises Kept Q50392527 121
Thanksgiving Q50572722 122
Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 Q50226688 123
Irreconcilable Differences Q51581144 124

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