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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Pilot Q52672025 1
Cause & Effect Q52672028 2
Anger Management Q52672029 3
Rosetta Q52672033 4
Never Let Me Go Q52672035 5
Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure Q52672037 6
Catch and Release Q52672040 7
A Short Time in Paradise Q52672042 8
Blind Spot Q52672043 9
The Unusual Suspects Q52672047 10
Original Sin Q52672049 11
Wake Up Call Q52672051 12
The Quick and the Dead Q52672054 13
Alpha Dogs Q52672057 14
When Push Comes to Shove Q52672058 15
Gaslight Q52672061 16
Alphaville Q52672064 17
Gods and Monsters Q52672067 18
Falling Q52672068 19
The Devil Will Drag You Under Q52677492 20
Life After Death Q52677495 21
If Memory Serves Q52677496 22
Need to Know Q52677497 23
God's Eye Q52677498 24

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