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“Captain Planet and the Planeteers”

Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'followed by' but no 'follows': A Hero for Earth (Q84614567), A Hero for Earth (Q84614567)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q84614613 (6) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (26)

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q84614613 — Captain Planet and the Planeteers, season 1
A Hero for Earth Q84614567 1 1
A Hero for Earth Q84614567 1 1
Rain of Terror Q84708509 2 2
Beast of the Temple Q84771045 3 3
Skumm Lord Q85178729 4 4
Deadly Ransom Q85299108 5 5

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