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“Carnival Row”

Data quality issues

Season Q77623599 was missing the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q77623461 — Carnival Row, season 1
Some Dark God Wakes Q76908541 1 1
Aisling Q76910354 2 2
Kingdoms of the Moon Q76911037 3 3
The Joining of Unlike Things Q76935136 4 4
Grieve No More Q77254417 5 5
Unaccompanied Fae Q77621729 6 6
The World to Come Q77622467 7 7
The Gloaming Q77622839 8 8
Season 2 Q77623599 — Carnival Row, season 2
Episode #2.1 Q77624248 1 9

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