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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Hit-Man Complex Q52287683 1
Mailman Q52287684 2
Critical Mass Q52287685 3
A Change of Mind Q52287690 4
Backfire Q52287691 5
Rich Kid Q52287799 6
Capture the Flag Q52287800 7
Nina who? Q52287801 8
The Dancing Lesson Q52287802 9
Adderly with Eggroll Q52287804 10
Brotherly Love Q52287805 11
Secrets of the Sun Q52287806 12
A Matter of Discretion Q52287807 13
Nemesis Q52287808 14
Year of the Tiger Q52287810 15
Who Do, Voodoo Q52287811 16
Miscellaneous News Q52287812 17
Tiers of Internment Q52287813 18
Running Backwards Q52287814 19
Class of '87 Q52287815 20
Mirror Man Q52288359 21
A Far, Far Better Thing Q52288360 22
Speed of Light Q52288361 23
Run to Darkness Q52288362 24
Eye in the Sky Q52288364 25
To Better Days Q52288365 26
Blood Feud Q52288366 27
The Perils of Mona Q52288367 28
Midnight in Morocco Q52288369 29
The Bridge Q52288370 30
Headhunter Q52288371 31
Code Name: Chipmunk Q52375357 32
Spymaster Q52375358 33
Requiem Q52375360 34
Horse Cents Q52375361 35
Debbie Does Dishes Q52375362 36
The Man Who Didn't Know Too Much Q52375363 37
Deathwatch Q52375364 38
Covert Agenda Q52375365 39
The Game Q52375366 40
Adventures in Bodysitting Q52375367 41
The Interrogation Q52375369 42
See How They Die Q52375370 43
Point of No Return Q52375372 44

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