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β€œ26 Men”

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The number of episodes actually found in season None (73) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (78) ✘

Episodes considered

Name Item β„– in Series Production Code
Season 1
The Recruit Q52269914 1
Pinnacle Peak Q52269916 2
The Wild Bunch Q52269917 3
Border Incident Q52269918 4
Destination Nowhere Q52269919 5
Incident at Yuma Q52269921 6
The Slater Brothers Q52269922 7
Dead Man at Tucson Q52269925 8
Man on the Run Q52269927 9
The Big Rope Q52269928 10
Valley of Fear Q52269929 11
Indian Gunslinger Q52269933 12
Trail of Darkness Q52269934 13
Trade Me Deadly Q52269935 14
The Violent Land Q52269936 15
Panic at Bisbee Q52269937 16
Insurrection Q52269940 17
Slaughter Trail Q52269941 18
Gun Hand Q52269943 19
Cattle Embargo Q52269945 20
Badge to Kill Q52269946 21
Montezuma's Cave Q52269949 22
Sundown Decision Q52269952 23
The Parrish Gang Q52269953 24
Hoax at Globe Q52269954 25
Bounty Hunters Q52269956 26
Apache Winter Q52269957 27
Legacy of Death Q52269958 28
Chain Gang Q52269959 29
The Bells of St. Thomas Q52269960 30
Hondo Man Q52269961 31
The Vanquisher Q52269963 32
The Ranger and the Lady Q52269965 33
Idol in the Dust Q52269966 34
Runaway Stage Q52269967 35
Wayward Gun Q52269971 36
Hole Up Q52269972 37
The Unholy Partners Q52269973 38
Killer's Trail Q52269974 39
The Glory Road Q52269975 40
Shadow of a Doubt Q52270048 41
Man in Hiding Q52270050 42
Cross and Doublecross Q52270053 43
The Last Rebellion Q52270054 44
Brief Glory Q52270055 45
Dog Eat Dog Q52270056 46
Judge Not Q52270057 47
My Brother's Keeper Q52270058 48
Run No More Q52270061 49
Manhunt Q52270062 50
The Avenger Q52270064 51
False Witness Q52270065 52
The Torch Q52270067 53
Trail of Revenge Q52270068 54
The Hellion Q52270069 55
Ranger Without a Badge Q52270071 56
Showdown Q52270073 57
Long Trail Home Q52270075 58
Death in the Dragoons Q52270076 59
Ricochet Q52270077 60
A House Divided Q52270080 61
The Profane Masquerade Q52270081 62
Dead or Alive Q52270082 63
The Has-Been Q52270086 64
The Unwanted Q52270087 65
Live and Let Die Q52270088 66
Trial at Verde River Q52270090 67
Scorpion Q52270091 68
The Last Kill Q52270093 69
Redskin Q52270094 70
Cave-In Q52270095 71
Terror in Paradise Q52270097 72
Fighting Man Q52270098 73

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