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Data quality issues

10 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q56250604 — Disenchantment, season 1
A Princess, an Elf and a Demon Walk Into a Bar Q56250552 [Missing] [Missing]
For Whom the Pig Oinks Q56250553 [Missing] [Missing]
The Princess of Darkness Q56250554 [Missing] [Missing]
Castle Party Massacre Q56250555 [Missing] [Missing]
Faster, Princess! Kill Kill! Q56250556 [Missing] [Missing]
Swamp and Circumstance Q56250557 [Missing] [Missing]
Love's Tender Rampage Q56250558 [Missing] [Missing]
The Limits of Immortality Q56250559 [Missing] [Missing]
To Thine Own Elf Be True Q56250562 [Missing] [Missing]
Dreamland Falls Q56250563 [Missing] [Missing]

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