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“2 Broke Girls”

Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'follows' but no 'followed by': And the First Degree (Q21656016), And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie (Q48116402)
The number of episodes actually found in season None (72) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (138)

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Pilot Q21162106 1
And the Break-up Scene Q21162117 2
And Strokes of Goodwill Q21162138 3
And the Rich People Problems Q21162151 4
And the '90s Horse Party Q21162164 5
And the Disappearing Bed Q21162178 6
And the Pretty Problem Q21162187 7
And Hoarder Culture Q21162192 8
And the Really Petty Cash Q21162195 9
And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving Q21162198 10
And the Reality Check Q21162199 11
And the Pop-Up Sale Q21162201 12
And the Secret Ingredient Q21162202 13
And the Upstairs Neighbor Q21162210 14
And the Blind Spot Q21162214 15
And the Broken Hearts Q21162219 16
And the Kosher Cupcakes Q21162221 17
And the One-Night Stands Q21162222 18
And the Spring Break Q21162228 19
And the Drug Money Q21162229 20
And the Messy Purse Smackdown Q21162235 21
And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough Q21162255 22
And the Stewart Have a Ball (Part 1) Q21162268 23
And the Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2) Q21162269 24
And the Hidden Stash Q21191057 25
And the Pearl Necklace Q21654778 26
And the Hold-Up Q21655580 27
And the Cupcake War Q21655676 28
And the Pre-Approved Credit Card Q21655682 29
And the Candy Manwich Q21655691 30
And the Three Boys With Wood Q21655696 31
And the Egg Special Q21655700 32
And the New Boss Q21655706 33
And the Big Opening Q21655713 34
And the Silent Partner Q21655721 35
And the High Holidays Q21655725 36
And the Bear Truth Q21655731 37
And Too Little Sleep Q21655738 38
And the Psychic Shakedown Q21655744 39
And the Plane Magic Q21655751 40
And the Broken Hip Q21655757 46
And Not-So-Sweet Charity Q21655762 41
And the Temporary Distraction Q21655768 42
And the Big Hole Q21655774 43
And the Worst Selfie Ever Q21655779 44
And the Extra Work Q21655788 45
And the Tip Slip Q21655793 47
And the Window of Opportunity Q21655797 48
And the Soft Opening Q21655960 49
And the Kickstarter Q21655962 50
And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank Q21655964 51
And the Group Head Q21655968 52
And the Cronuts Q21655969 53
And the Piece of Sheet Q21655971 54
And the Girlfriend Experience Q21655973 55
And the 'It' Hole Q21655974 56
And the Pastry Porn Q21655978 57
And the First Day of School Q21655980 58
And the Life After Death Q21655981 59
And the French Kiss Q21655983 60
And the Big But Q21655986 61
And the Dumpster Sex Q21655989 62
And the Icing on the Cake Q21655992 63
And the ATM Q21655995 64
And the Married Man Sleepover Q21655999 65
And the Near Death Experience Q21656000 66
And the Kilt Trip Q21656003 67
And the Not Broke Parents Q21656007 68
And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake Q21656009 69
And the New Lease on Life Q21656012 70
And the Free Money Q21656014 71
And the First Degree Q21656016 72

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