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Data quality issues

Unusual Suspects (Q7897789) follows Redux (Q7306422), but Redux (Q7306422) followed by Redux II (Q21653833)
Redux II (Q21653833) followed by Unusual Suspects (Q7897789), but Unusual Suspects (Q7897789) follows Redux (Q7306422)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q3469002 (21) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (20)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q3469051 (21) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (22)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q1758366 (19) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (20)
Season Q28758943 was missing the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement
192 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q753762 — The X-Files, season 1
Gender Bender Q13218249 [Missing] [Missing] 1X13
Lazarus Q5222290 [Missing] [Missing] 1X14
Young at Heart Q10747753 [Missing] [Missing] 1X15
E.B.E. Q13422367 [Missing] [Missing] 1X16
Miracle Man Q13560787 [Missing] [Missing] 1X17
Shapes Q3495244 [Missing] [Missing] 1X18
Darkness Falls Q5222659 [Missing] [Missing] 1X19
Tooms Q15427158 [Missing] [Missing] 1X20
Born Again Q5223735 [Missing] [Missing] 1X21
Roland Q2612303 [Missing] [Missing] 1X22
Pilot Q1969580 [Missing] 1 1X79
Deep Throat Q11681033 [Missing] 2 1X01
Squeeze Q1061237 [Missing] 3 1X02
Conduit Q13553732 [Missing] 4 1X03
The Jersey Devil Q2003114 [Missing] 5 1X04
Shadows Q2648415 [Missing] 6 1X05
Ghost in the Machine Q2647533 [Missing] 7 1X06
Ice Q2648411 [Missing] 8 1X07
Space Q1459905 [Missing] 9 1X08
Fallen Angel Q2613153 [Missing] 10 1X09
Eve Q2648421 [Missing] 11 1X10
Fire Q2607777 [Missing] 12 1X11
Beyond the Sea Q2607810 [Missing] 13 1X12
The Erlenmeyer Flask Q15427157 [Missing] 24 1X23
Season 2 Q2330501 — The X-Files, season 2
Little Green Men Q4277671 [Missing] [Missing] 2X01
The Host Q5222649 [Missing] [Missing] 2X02
Blood Q4241517 [Missing] [Missing] 2X03
Sleepless Q13552171 [Missing] [Missing] 2X04
Duane Barry Q2012623 [Missing] [Missing] 2X05
Ascension Q2480642 [Missing] [Missing] 2X06
3 Q2338691 [Missing] [Missing] 2X07
One Breath Q2342991 [Missing] [Missing] 2X08
Firewalker Q4331113 [Missing] [Missing] 2X09
Red Museum Q4239700 [Missing] [Missing] 2X10
Excelsis Dei Q4422825 [Missing] [Missing] 2X11
Aubrey Q4329882 [Missing] [Missing] 2X12
Irresistible Q4317253 [Missing] [Missing] 2X13
Die Hand Die Verletzt Q4162624 [Missing] [Missing] 2X14
Fresh Bones Q4410048 [Missing] [Missing] 2X15
Colony Q13567052 [Missing] [Missing] 2X16
End Game Q11681479 [Missing] [Missing] 2X17
Fearful Symmetry Q5439432 [Missing] [Missing] 2X18
Død Kalm Q5320392 [Missing] [Missing] 2X19
Humbug Q15630296 [Missing] [Missing] 2X20
The Calusari Q7721046 [Missing] [Missing] 2X21
F. Emasculata Q5423885 [Missing] [Missing] 2X22
Soft Light Q7553905 [Missing] [Missing] 2X23
Our Town Q7111215 [Missing] [Missing] 2X24
Anasazi Q4751789 [Missing] [Missing] 2X25
Season 3 Q1110299 — The X-Files, season 3
The Blessing Way Q11704378 [Missing] [Missing] 3X01
Paper Clip Q10750168 [Missing] [Missing] 3X02
D.P.O. Q5203438 [Missing] [Missing] 3X03
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose Q1989257 [Missing] [Missing] 3X04
The List Q7747536 [Missing] [Missing] 3X05
2Shy Q4633220 [Missing] [Missing] 3X06
The Walk Q7773267 [Missing] [Missing] 3X07
Oubliette Q7110237 [Missing] [Missing] 3X08
Nisei Q7040220 [Missing] [Missing] 3X09
731 Q4643245 [Missing] [Missing] 3X10
Revelations Q7317849 [Missing] [Missing] 3X11
Syzygy Q7664005 [Missing] [Missing] 3X13
Grotesque Q15704034 [Missing] [Missing] 3X14
Piper Maru Q5403159 [Missing] [Missing] 3X15
Apocrypha Q4780138 [Missing] [Missing] 3X16
Pusher Q4459712 [Missing] [Missing] 3X17
Teso Dos Bichos Q4329252 [Missing] [Missing] 3X18
Hell Money Q5706634 [Missing] [Missing] 3X19
Jose Chung's From Outer Space Q3390658 [Missing] [Missing] 3X20
Avatar Q4827794 [Missing] [Missing] 3X21
Quagmire Q7268462 [Missing] [Missing] 3X22
Wetwired Q9095836 [Missing] [Missing] 3X23
Talitha Cumi Q7679582 [Missing] [Missing] 3X24
War of the Coprophages Q7968677 [Missing] 61 3X12
Season 4 Q3468921 — The X-Files, season 4
Herrenvolk Q9003263 [Missing] [Missing] 4X01
Unruhe Q7897406 [Missing] [Missing] 4X02
Home Q5888122 [Missing] [Missing] 4X03
Teliko Q7697268 [Missing] [Missing] 4X04
The Field Where I Died Q7733725 [Missing] [Missing] 4X05
Sanguinarium Q7418159 [Missing] [Missing] 4X06
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man Q3867195 [Missing] [Missing] 4X07
Paper Hearts Q7132631 [Missing] [Missing] 4X08
Tunguska Q7853080 [Missing] [Missing] 4X09
Terma Q7702567 [Missing] [Missing] 4X10
El Mundo Gira Q5351662 [Missing] [Missing] 4X11
Kaddish Q6345298 [Missing] [Missing] 4X12
Never Again Q15704099 [Missing] [Missing] 4X13
Leonard Betts Q6525120 [Missing] [Missing] 4X14
Memento Mori Q6815200 [Missing] [Missing] 4X15
Unrequited Q7897384 [Missing] [Missing] 4X16
Tempus Fugit Q7699065 [Missing] [Missing] 4X17
Max Q6794512 [Missing] [Missing] 4X18
Synchrony Q7662220 [Missing] [Missing] 4X19
Small Potatoes Q7542861 [Missing] [Missing] 4X20
Zero Sum Q8069554 [Missing] [Missing] 4X21
Elegy Q5358702 [Missing] [Missing] 4X22
Demons Q5256287 [Missing] [Missing] 4X23
Gethsemane Q5554456 [Missing] [Missing] 4X24
Season 5 Q3469002 — The X-Files, season 5
Unusual Suspects Q7897789 [Missing] [Missing] 5X01
Redux II Q21653833 [Missing] [Missing] 5X03
Detour Q5265784 [Missing] [Missing] 5X04
Christmas Carol Q5111310 [Missing] [Missing] 5X05
The Post-Modern Prometheus Q7757851 [Missing] [Missing] 5X06
Emily Q5372024 [Missing] [Missing] 5X07
Kitsunegari Q6418372 [Missing] [Missing] 5X08
Schizogeny Q7431576 [Missing] [Missing] 5X09
Chinga Q5101000 [Missing] [Missing] 5X10
Kill Switch Q13512234 [Missing] [Missing] 5X11
Bad Blood Q4840182 [Missing] [Missing] 5X12
Patient X Q7144976 [Missing] [Missing] 5X13
The Red and the Black Q7759967 [Missing] [Missing] 5X14
Travelers Q7835988 [Missing] [Missing] 5X15
Mind's Eye Q15704182 [Missing] [Missing] 5X16
All Souls Q4729643 [Missing] [Missing] 5X17
The Pine Bluff Variant Q7757160 [Missing] [Missing] 5X18
Folie à Deux Q5464371 [Missing] [Missing] 5X19
The End Q7732053 [Missing] [Missing] 5X20
Redux Q7306422 [Missing] 98 5X02
Redux Q7306422 [Missing] 99 5X02
Season 6 Q3469051 — The X-Files, season 6
Dreamland Q15704257 [Missing] [Missing]
The Beginning Q15704250 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX01
Drive Q5307893 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX02
Triangle Q7840050 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX03
Terms of Endearment Q7702907 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX06
The Rain King Q991925 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX07
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas Q15704261 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX08
Tithonus Q7809959 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX09
S.R. 819 Q7387273 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX10
Two Fathers Q7858948 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX11
One Son Q7093210 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX12
Arcadia Q4785122 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX13
Agua Mala Q4694449 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX14
Monday Q6898611 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX15
Alpha Q4734968 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX16
Trevor Q7839021 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX17
Milagro Q6850417 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX18
Three of a Kind Q7797987 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX19
The Unnatural Q7771671 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX20
Field Trip Q5446959 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX21
Biogenesis Q4914838 [Missing] [Missing] 6ABX22
Season 7 Q3469084 — The X-Files, season 7
Hungry Q4142089 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX01
The Goldberg Variation Q4103813 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX02
The Sixth Extinction Q7764574 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX03
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati Q7764575 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX04
Millennium Q6858781 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX05
Rush Q7380679 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX06
Orison Q7102837 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX07
The Amazing Maleeni Q7713324 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX08
Signs and Wonders Q7513033 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX09
Sein und Zeit Q7446835 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX10
Closure Q5135516 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX11
X-Cops Q8041438 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX12
First Person Shooter Q1401431 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX13
Theef Q7777725 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX14
En Ami Q5374954 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX15
Chimera Q5099344 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX16
all things Q4730233 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX17
Hollywood A.D. Q15704475 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX18
Brand X Q4956558 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX19
Fight Club Q5447733 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX20
Je Souhaite Q6168657 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX21
Requiem Q7314832 [Missing] [Missing] 7ABX22
Season 8 Q3469108 — The X-Files, season 8
Within Q8028183 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX01
Without Q8028211 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX02
Redrum Q7306234 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX03
Patience Q7144926 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX04
Roadrunners Q7339624 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX05
Invocation Q6061350 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX06
Via Negativa Q7924387 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX07
Per Manum Q7166755 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX08
Surekill Q7645621 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX09
Salvage Q7406552 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX10
The Gift Q7736404 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX11
Badlaa Q4840998 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX12
Medusa Q6807347 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX13
This Is Not Happening Q7785909 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX14
Deadalive Q5245530 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX15
Vienen Q15704525 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX16
Empedocles Q5373845 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX17
Three Words Q7797929 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX18
Alone Q4734381 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX19
Essence Q5399453 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX20
Existence Q5420344 [Missing] [Missing] 8ABX21
Season 9 Q1758366 — The X-Files, season 9
Nothing Important Happened Today Q7062768 [Missing] [Missing]
Dæmonicus Q1157083 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX03
Hellbound Q5707003 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX04
4-D Q4637115 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX05
Lord of the Flies Q15704673 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX06
John Doe Q6229618 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX07
Trust No 1 Q7848125 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX08
Underneath Q7883729 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX09
Provenance Q7252330 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX10
Providence Q7252380 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX11
Scary Monsters Q7430557 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX12
Audrey Pauley Q4820167 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX13
Improbable Q6007706 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX14
Jump the Shark Q6311207 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX15
Release Q7310913 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX16
William Q8003884 [Missing] [Missing] 9ABX17
Sunshine Days Q7641464 [Missing] 200 9ABX18
The Truth Q7770602 [Missing] 201
The Truth Q7770602 [Missing] 202
Season 10 Q19675862 — The X-Files, season 10
My Struggle Q22292246 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW01
Home Again Q22306818 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW02
Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster Q22306768 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW03
Babylon Q22306854 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW04
Founder's Mutation Q22306763 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW05
My Struggle II Q22306871 [Missing] [Missing] 1AYW06
Season 11 Q28758943 — The X-Files, season 11
The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat Q47496134 [Missing] [Missing]
This Q47498323 [Missing] [Missing]
Plus One Q47498350 [Missing] [Missing]
My Struggle III Q47068629 [Missing] [Missing] 2AYW01
Kitten Q48815948 [Missing] [Missing] 2AYW06

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