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“31 Minutos”

Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'followed by' but no 'follows': Q2881795, Q5824430, Q5965890, Q5989983
More than one episode had a 'follows' but no 'followed by': Q2919788, Q5824644, Q5825010, Q5887190
The number of episodes actually found in season None (50) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (68)
50 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Q2841884 Q2841884 [Missing]
Q2881795 Q2881795 [Missing]
Q2886303 Q2886303 [Missing]
Q2919788 Q2919788 [Missing]
Q5480142 Q5480142 [Missing]
Q5491592 Q5491592 [Missing]
Q5661108 Q5661108 [Missing]
Q5689680 Q5689680 [Missing]
Q5726100 Q5726100 [Missing]
Q5759707 Q5759707 [Missing]
Q5815898 Q5815898 [Missing]
Q5823424 Q5823424 [Missing]
Q5823926 Q5823926 [Missing]
Q5824430 Q5824430 [Missing]
Q5824644 Q5824644 [Missing]
Q5824953 Q5824953 [Missing]
Q5824973 Q5824973 [Missing]
Q5825010 Q5825010 [Missing]
Q5825028 Q5825028 [Missing]
Q5825800 Q5825800 [Missing]
Q5826584 Q5826584 [Missing]
Q5827200 Q5827200 [Missing]
Q5832750 Q5832750 [Missing]
Q5840090 Q5840090 [Missing]
Q5847022 Q5847022 [Missing]
Q5887190 Q5887190 [Missing]
Q5891612 Q5891612 [Missing]
Q5926187 Q5926187 [Missing]
Q5965708 Q5965708 [Missing]
Q5965890 Q5965890 [Missing]
Q5966252 Q5966252 [Missing]
Q5966471 Q5966471 [Missing]
Q5966828 Q5966828 [Missing]
Q5971166 Q5971166 [Missing]
Q5978014 Q5978014 [Missing]
Q5978102 Q5978102 [Missing]
Q5980222 Q5980222 [Missing]
Q5989983 Q5989983 [Missing]
Q6044010 Q6044010 [Missing]
Q6066226 Q6066226 [Missing]
Q6105190 Q6105190 [Missing]
Q6109109 Q6109109 [Missing]
Q6143374 Q6143374 [Missing]
Q6154555 Q6154555 [Missing]
Q6155656 Q6155656 [Missing]
Q6158565 Q6158565 [Missing]
Q6172221 Q6172221 [Missing]
Q6461543 Q6461543 [Missing]
Q9026937 Q9026937 [Missing]
Q16579558 Q16579558 [Missing]

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