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Data quality issues

The Price of Peace (Q28453213) followed by Hollow Man (Q28453214), but Hollow Man (Q28453214) follows The Revenge Effect (Q28453212)
Hollow Man (Q28453214) follows The Revenge Effect (Q28453212), but The Revenge Effect (Q28453212) followed by The Price of Peace (Q28453213)
40 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Absent Friends Q4669706 [Missing]
All Under Control Q4729844 [Missing]
Assassins Inc. Q4808541 [Missing]
Down Among the Dead Men Q5302785 [Missing]
Out of the Hive Q7111765 [Missing]
Shotgun Wedding Q16744905 [Missing]
Stealth Q28453183 [Missing]
Manna from Heaven Q28453196 [Missing]
Hot Metal Q28453197 [Missing]
A Sporting Chance Q28453198 [Missing]
Pulse Q28453199 [Missing]
...Must Come Down Q28453200 [Missing]
What Goes Up... Q28453201 [Missing]
Bugged Wheat Q28453202 [Missing]
Blackout Q28453203 [Missing]
Whirling Dervish Q28453204 [Missing]
Gold Rush Q28453206 [Missing]
Schrodinger's Bomb Q28453207 [Missing]
Newton's Run Q28453208 [Missing]
A Cage for Satan Q28453209 [Missing]
The Bureau of Weapons Q28453210 [Missing]
Blaze of Glory Q28453211 [Missing]
The Revenge Effect Q28453212 [Missing]
The Price of Peace Q28453213 [Missing]
Hollow Man Q28453214 [Missing]
Nuclear Family Q28453215 [Missing]
Fugitive Q28453216 [Missing]
Happy Ever After? Q28453217 [Missing]
Buried Treasure Q28453218 [Missing]
Identity Crisis Q28453219 [Missing]
Renegades Q28453221 [Missing]
Sacrifice to Science Q28453222 [Missing]
Girl Power Q28453223 [Missing]
The Two Becketts Q28453224 [Missing]
Hell and High Water Q28453225 [Missing]
Pandora's Box Q28453227 [Missing]
Twin Geeks Q28453235 [Missing]
Jewel Control Q28453237 [Missing]
Money Spiders Q28453238 [Missing]
The Enemy Within Q28453239 [Missing]

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