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“Adventures of Superman”

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Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Superman on Earth Q52376872 1
The Haunted Lighthouse Q52376873 2
The Case of the Talkative Dummy Q52376874 3
Mystery of the Broken Statues Q52376875 4
The Monkey Mystery Q52376876 5
Night of Terror Q52376877 6
The Birthday Letter Q52376878 7
The Mind Machine Q52376879 8
Rescue Q52376880 9
The Secret of Superman Q52376881 10
No Holds Barred Q52376882 11
The Deserted Village Q52376883 12
The Stolen Costume Q52376884 13
Treasure of the Incas Q52376885 14
Double Trouble Q52376886 15
Mystery in Wax Q52376887 16
The Runaway Robot Q52376888 17
Drums of Death Q52376889 18
The Evil Three Q52376890 19
The Riddle of the Chinese Jade Q52376891 20
The Human Bomb Q52376893 21
Czar of the Underworld Q52376894 22
Ghost Wolf Q52376895 23
Crime Wave Q52376896 24
The Unknown People: Part I Q52376897 25
The Unknown People: Part II Q52376898 26
Five Minutes to Doom Q52376899 27
The Big Squeeze Q52376900 28
The Man Who Could Read Minds Q52376901 29
Jet Ace Q52376902 30
Shot in the Dark Q52376903 31
The Defeat of Superman Q52376904 32
Superman in Exile Q52376905 33
A Ghost for Scotland Yard Q52376906 34
The Dog Who Knew Superman Q52376907 35
The Face and the Voice Q52376908 36
The Man in the Lead Mask Q52376909 37
Panic in the Sky Q7131095 38
The Machine That Could Plot Crimes Q52376912 39
Jungle Devil Q52376913 40
My Friend Superman Q52376932 41
The Clown Who Cried Q52376933 42
The Boy Who Hated Superman Q52376934 43
Semi-Private Eye Q52376935 44
Perry White's Scoop Q52376936 45
Beware the Wrecker Q52376937 46
The Golden Vulture Q52376938 47
Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor Q52376939 48
Lady in Black Q52376940 49
Star of Fate Q52376942 50
The Whistling Bird Q52376943 51
Around the World with Superman Q52376944 52
Through the Time Barrier Q52376946 53
The Talking Clue Q52376947 54
The Lucky Cat Q52376948 55
Superman Week Q52376949 56
Great Caesar's Ghost Q52376950 57
Test of a Warrior Q52376952 58
Olsen's Millions Q52376954 59
Clark Kent, Outlaw Q52376955 60
The Magic Necklace Q52376956 61
The Bully of Dry Gulch Q52376957 62
Flight to the North Q52376959 63
The Seven Souvenirs Q52376960 64
King for a Day Q52376961 65
Joey Q52376962 66
The Unlucky Number Q52376963 67
The Big Freeze Q52376965 68
Peril by Sea Q52376966 69
Topsy Turvy Q52376967 70
Jimmy the Kid Q52376968 71
The Girl Who Hired Superman Q52376969 72
The Wedding of Superman Q52376970 73
Dagger Island Q52376971 74
Blackmail Q52376973 75
The Deadly Rock Q52376974 76
The Phantom Ring Q52376975 77
The Jolly Roger Q52376976 78
Peril in Paris Q52376977 79
Tin Hero Q52376978 80
The Town That Wasn't Q52377063 81
Tomb of Zaharan Q52377064 82
The Man Who Made Dreams Come True Q52377065 83
Disappearing Lois Q52377066 84
Money to Burn Q52377067 85
Close Shave Q52377068 86
The Phony Alibi Q52377069 87
The Prince Albert Coat Q52377070 88
The Stolen Elephant Q52377071 89
Mr. Zero Q52377072 90
Whatever Goes Up Q52377073 91
The Last Knight Q52377075 92
The Magic Secret Q52377076 93
Divide and Conquer Q52377077 94
The Mysterious Cube Q52377078 95
The Atomic Captive Q52377079 96
The Superman Silver Mine Q52377127 97
The Big Forget Q52377128 98
The Gentle Monster Q52377129 99
Superman's Wife Q52377131 100
Three in One Q52377132 101
The Brainy Burro Q52377133 102
The Perils of Superman Q52377134 103
All That Glitters Q52377135 104

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