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“The Good Place”

Data quality issues

Episode Janet(s) (Q58901109) has no previous or next episode
Episode The Book Of Dougs (Q58901111) has no previous or next episode
Episode Chidi Sees The Time-Knife (Q58901112) has no previous or next episode
Episode Pandemonium (Q58901113) has no previous or next episode
Episode Everything Is Great! (Q50232441) has no previous or next episode
The number of episodes actually found in season None (40) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (39)
14 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Everything Is Bonzer! (Part 1) Q58900896 [Missing]
Everything Is Bonzer! (Part 2) Q58900992 [Missing]
The Brainy Bunch Q58900993 [Missing]
The Snowplow Q58900995 [Missing]
Jeremy Bearimy Q58900996 [Missing]
The Ballad of Donkey Doug Q58900997 [Missing]
A Fractured Inheritance Q58900999 [Missing]
The Worst Possible Use of Free Will Q58901000 [Missing]
Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By Q58901001 [Missing]
Janet(s) Q58901109 [Missing]
The Book Of Dougs Q58901111 [Missing]
Chidi Sees The Time-Knife Q58901112 [Missing]
Pandemonium Q58901113 [Missing]
Everything Is Great! Q50232441 [Missing]
Everything Is Fine Q47545785 1
Flying Q47546512 2
Tahani Al-Jamil Q47675322 3
Jason Mendoza Q47676425 4
Category 55 Doomsday Crisis Q47676499 5
What We Owe to Each Other Q47677003 6
The Eternal Shriek Q47677083 7
Most Improved Player Q47677169 8
...Someone Like Me as a Member Q47677241 9
Chidi's Choice Q47677320 10
What's My Motivation Q47677401 11
Mindy St. Claire Q47677463 12
Michael's Gambit Q47677531 13
Everything Is Great! (Part 1) Q47678293 14
Everything Is Great! (Part 2) Q47678589 15
Dance Dance Resolution Q47678662 16
Team Cockroach Q47678740 17
Existential Crisis Q47678816 18
The Trolley Problem Q47678893 19
Janet and Michael Q47678967 20
Derek Q47679040 21
Leap to Faith Q47679114 22
Best Self Q47679190 23
Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent Q47679262 24
The Burrito Q47679336 25
Somewhere Else Q47679411 26

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