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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
In Deep Q52421758 1
Heat Wave Q52421759 2
Second Wave Q52421760 3
Message in a Bottle Q52421761 4
The Sky is Falling Q52421762 5
The Drowning Pool Q52421763 6
Rookie School Q52421765 7
Cruise Ship Q52421766 8
The Cretin of the Shallows Q52421767 9
Shelter Me Q52421768 10
The Reunion Q52421769 11
Armored Car Q52421770 12
Home Cort Q52421771 13
We Need a Vacation Q52421773 14
Muddy Waters Q52421775 15
Snake Eyes Q52421776 16
Eclipse Q52421777 17
Shark Derby Q52421778 18
The Big Race Q52421779 19
Old Friends Q52421780 20
The End? Q52421781 21
Nightmare Bay: Part I Q52421782 22
Nightmare Bay: Part II Q52421783 23
The One That Got Away Q52421784 24
Money, Honey Q52421785 25
The Fabulous Buchannon Boys Q52421787 26
Point of Attack Q52421788 27
Sandcastles Q52421789 28
Thin or Die Q52421790 29
The Trophy: Part I Q52421791 30
The Trophy: Part II Q52421792 31
If Looks Could Kill Q52421793 32
Reunion Q52421794 33
War of Nerves Q52421796 34
Big Monday Q52421797 35
Sea of Flames Q52421798 36
Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale Q52421800 37
The Chamber Q52421801 38
Shark's Cove Q52421802 39
The Lost Treasure of Tower 12 Q52421803 40
The Big Spill Q52421842 41
Game of Chance Q52421843 42
Summer of '85 Q52421845 43
River of No Return: Part I Q52421846 44
River of No Return: Part II Q52421847 45
Tequila Bay Q52421848 46
Rookie of the Year Q52421849 47
Pier Pressure Q52421850 48
Showdown at Malibu Beach High Q52421851 49
Point Doom Q52421852 50
Princess of Tides Q52421853 51
Masquerade Q52421855 52
Lifeguards Can't Jump Q52421856 53
Dead of Summer Q52421858 54
A Matter of Life and Death Q52421859 55
Island of Romance Q52421860 56
Strangers Among Us Q52421861 57
Vacation: Part I Q52421862 58
Vacation: Part II Q52421863 59
The Tower Q52421865 60
Stakeout at Surfrider Beach Q52421866 61
Shattered: Part I Q52421867 62
Shattered: Part II Q52421868 63
Kicks Q52421870 64
Fatal Exchange Q52421871 65
Race Against Time: Part I Q52421873 66
Race Against Time: Part II Q52421874 67
Lover's Cove Q52421875 68
Blindside Q52421876 69
Sky Rider Q52421878 70
Tentacles: Part I Q52421879 71
Tentacles: Part II Q52421880 72
Submersion Q52421881 73
Ironman Buchannon Q52421882 74
Tower of Power Q52421884 75
The Child Inside Q52421885 76
Second Time Around Q52421886 77
The Red Knights Q52421887 78
Coronado del Soul: Part I Q52421888 79
Coronado del Soul: Part II Q52421889 80
Mirror, Mirror Q52421925 81
The Falcon Manifesto Q52421926 82
Rescue Bay Q52421927 83
Western Exposure Q52421928 84
The Life You Save Q52421929 85
Trading Places Q52421930 86
Guys and Dolls Q52421931 87
Living on the Fault Line: Part I Q52421933 88
Living on the Fault Line: Part II Q52421934 89
Aftershock Q52421935 90
Baja Run Q52421936 91
Air Buchannon Q52421937 92
Short-Sighted Q52421938 93
Someone to Baywatch Over You Q52421939 94
KGAS, The Groove-Yard of Solid Gold Q52421940 95
Red Wind Q52421941 96
I Spike Q52421942 97
Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part I Q52421944 98
Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part II Q52421945 99
Rubber Ducky Q52421946 100
Homecoming Q52421947 101
Seize the Day Q52421948 102
A Little Help Q52421950 103
Father's Day Q52421951 104
Fire with Fire Q52421953 105
Deep Trouble Q52421954 106
Promised Land Q52421955 107
The Runaways Q52421956 108
Wet and Wild Q52421957 109
Trapped Beneath The Sea: Part I Q52421958 110
Trapped Beneath The Sea: Part II Q52421959 111
Hot Stuff Q52421960 112
Surf's Up Q52421961 113
To Everything There Is a Season Q52421962 114
Leap of Faith Q52421963 115
Face of Fear Q52421964 116
Hit and Run Q52421965 117
Home Is Where the Heat Is Q52421966 118
Sweet Dreams Q52421967 119
The Incident Q52421968 120
Beauty and the Beast Q52422033 121
Desperate Encounter Q52422034 122
Baywatch Angels Q52422035 123
Bash at the Beach Q52422036 124
Free Fall Q52422038 125
Sail Away Q52422039 126
Lost and Found Q52422041 127
Forbidden Paradise: Part I Q52422042 128
Forbidden Paradise: Part II Q52422043 129
The Last Wave Q52422044 130
Go for the Gold Q52422046 131
Shark Fever Q52422047 132
The Contest Q52422048 133
Liquid Assets Q52422049 134
Windswept Q52422051 135
Scorcher Q52422052 136
Beach Blast Q52422053 137
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Q52422054 138
Let the Games Begin Q52422055 139
Buried Q52422056 140
Search and Rescue Q52422058 141
Heal the Bay Q52422059 142
Bachelor of the Month Q52422060 143
Chance of a Lifetime Q52422062 144
Talk Show Q52422064 145
Life-Guardian Q52422065 146
Matters of the Heart Q52422067 147
Rendezvous Q52422068 148
Hot Water Q52422069 149
Trial by Fire Q52422071 150
Baywatch at Sea World Q52422073 151
Golden Girls Q52422074 152
Nevermore Q52422075 153
Rookie Summer: Part I Q52422076 154
Next Generation: Part II Q52422077 155
The Choice Q52422078 156
Memorial Day Q52422079 157
Charlie Q52422080 158
Lifeguard Confidential Q52422084 159
Out of the Blue Q52422085 160
Eel Nino Q52422112 161
Homecoming Q52422113 162
Missing Q52422114 163
Hijacked Q52422115 164
No Way Out Q52422117 165
Countdown Q52422118 166
Surf City Q52422119 167
To the Max: Part I Q52422120 168
Night of the Dolphin: Part II Q52422121 169
Full Throttle Q52422122 170
Quarantine Q52422123 171
Diabolique Q52422125 172
Bon Voyage: Part I Q52422126 173
White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part II Q52422127 174
White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part III Q52422128 175
Crash: Part I Q52422129 176
Crash: Part II Q52422130 177
Sharks, Lies & Videotape Q52422132 178
Dolphin Quest Q52422133 179
The Natural Q52422134 180
Drop Zone Q52422135 181
Hot Summer Night Q52422136 182
Swept Away Q52422138 183
The Swimmer Q52422139 184
Friends Forever Q52422140 185
The Edge Q52422141 186
The Big Blue Q52422143 187
Come Fly with Me Q52422144 188
Boys Will Be Boys Q52422145 189
Grand Prix Q52422146 190
Baywatch Down Under: Part I Q52422147 191
Baywatch Down Under: Part II Q52422148 192
Waterdance Q52422149 193
Double Jeopardy Q52422151 194
Wave Rage Q52422152 195
Galaxy Girls Q52422153 196
Castles in the Sand Q52422154 197
Aloha Baywatch: Part I Q52422155 198
Mahalo, Hawaii: Part II Q52422156 199
Weak Link Q52422158 200
Shark Island Q52422174 201
Strike Team Q52422175 202
Sunday in Kauai Q52422176 203
Risk to Death Q52422177 204
Father of the Groom Q52422178 205
The Hunt Q52422179 206
Gold from the Deep Q52422180 207
Bent Q52422181 208
Path of Least Resistance Q52422182 209
Liquid Visions Q52422183 210
Lines in the Sand Q52422184 211
The Hero Q52422185 212
Thunder Tide Q52422186 213
Breath of Life Q52422187 214
Big Island Heat Q52422188 215
Maui Xterra Q52422189 216
Baywatch O'Hana Q52422190 217
Last Rescue Q52422192 218
Killing Machine Q52422193 219
Soul Survivor Q52422195 220
A Knife in the Heart Q52422196 221
Bad Boyz Q52422197 222
Dangerous Games Q52422199 223
Stone Cold Q52422200 224
Broken Promises Q52422201 225
Dream Girl Q52422202 226
The Cage Q52422203 227
Ben Q52422204 228
Ties That Bind Q52422206 229
Black Widow Q52422207 230
Ex Files Q52422208 231
The Stalker Q52422209 232
Father Faust Q52422210 233
A Good Man in a Storm Q52422211 234
My Father the Hero Q52422212 235
Boiling Point Q52422213 236
The Return of Jessie Q52422214 237
Trapped Q52422215 238
Dead Reckoning Q52422216 239
Makapu'u Lighthouse Q52422217 240
Rescue Me Q52422239 241

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