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“Dark Matter”

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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Episode 1 Q20647229 1
Episode 2 Q20647230 2
Episode 3 Q52679990 3
Episode 4 Q52679992 4
Episode 5 Q52679993 5
Episode 6 Q52679995 6
Episode 7 Q52679996 7
Episode 8 Q52679997 8
Episode 9 Q52680000 9
Episode 10 Q52680002 10
Episode 11 Q52680003 11
Episode 12 Q52680004 12
Episode 13 Q52680005 13
Welcome to Your New Home Q52680006 14
Kill Them All Q52680009 15
I've Seen the Other Side of You Q52680010 16
We Were Family Q52680011 17
We Voted Not to Space You Q52680012 18
We Should Have Seen This Coming Q52680015 19
She's One Of Them Now Q52680018 20
Stuff To Steal, People To Kill Q52680019 21
Going Out Fighting Q52680021 22
Take The Shot Q52680022 23
Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance Q52680023 24
Sometimes In Life You Don't Get To Choose Q52680024 25
But First, We Save The Galaxy Q52680026 26
Being Better Is So Much Harder Q52680027 27
It Doesn't Have to Be Like This Q52680028 28
Welcome to the Revolution Q52680030 29
All the Time in the World Q43043667 30
Give It Up, Princess Q52680031 31
One More Card To Play Q52680033 32
Wish I Could Believe You Q52680034 33
Hot Chocolate Q52680035 34
Isn't That a Paradox? Q52680037 35
Built, Not Born Q52680039 36
The Dwarf Star Conspiracy Q52680040 37
My Final Gift To You Q52680041 38
Nowhere To Go Q52680043 39

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