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The number of episodes actually found in season Q1776046 (22) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (23)
The number of episodes actually found in season Q2057720 (21) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (22)
134 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Season № in Series Production Code
Season 1 Q3284537 — 30 Rock, season 1
Pilot Q7194328 [Missing] [Missing] 101
The Aftermath Q7712813 [Missing] [Missing] 102
Blind Date Q4926534 [Missing] [Missing] 103
Jack the Writer Q6116033 [Missing] [Missing] 104
Jack-Tor Q6110880 [Missing] [Missing] 105
Jack Meets Dennis Q6114069 [Missing] [Missing] 105
Tracy Does Conan Q7831726 [Missing] [Missing] 108
The Break-Up Q7719908 [Missing] [Missing] 108
The Baby Show Q7715184 [Missing] [Missing] 109
The Rural Juror Q4082212 [Missing] 10 111
The Head and the Hair Q7739104 [Missing] [Missing] 111
Black Tie Q4922033 [Missing] [Missing] 112
Up All Night Q7897937 [Missing] [Missing] 114
The C Word Q7720877 [Missing] [Missing] 114
Hard Ball Q5655134 [Missing] [Missing] 115
The Source Awards Q7765515 [Missing] [Missing] 116
The Fighting Irish Q10381374 [Missing] [Missing]
Fireworks Q5452045 [Missing] [Missing] 118
Corporate Crush Q5172405 [Missing] [Missing] 119
Cleveland Q5132045 [Missing] [Missing] 120
Hiatus Q10295395 [Missing] [Missing] 121
Season 2 Q858971 — 30 Rock, season 2
SeinfeldVision Q7446853 [Missing] [Missing] 201
Jack Gets in the Game Q6112697 [Missing] [Missing] 202
The Collection Q7726685 [Missing] [Missing] 203
Rosemary's Baby Q7368294 [Missing] [Missing] 204
Greenzo Q5605119 [Missing] [Missing] 205
Somebody to Love Q7559591 [Missing] [Missing] 207
Cougars Q5176063 [Missing] [Missing] 206
Secrets and Lies Q7444489 [Missing] [Missing] 208
Ludachristmas Q6698686 [Missing] [Missing] 209
Episode 210 Q5383525 [Missing] [Missing] 210
MILF Island Q6716107 [Missing] [Missing] 212
Subway Hero Q7632485 [Missing] [Missing] 211
Succession Q7632610 [Missing] [Missing] 213
Sandwich Day Q15216588 [Missing] [Missing] 214
Cooter Q5168107 [Missing] [Missing] 215
Season 3 Q858966 — 30 Rock, season 3
Do-Over Q5285879 [Missing] [Missing] 301
Believe in the Stars Q4882820 [Missing] [Missing] 304
The One with the Cast of Night Court Q7755094 [Missing] [Missing] 303
Gavin Volure Q5528301 [Missing] [Missing] 304
Reunion Q7317562 [Missing] [Missing] 305
Christmas Special Q5111425 [Missing] [Missing] 306
Señor Macho Solo Q7459656 [Missing] [Missing] 307
Flu Shot Q5462603 [Missing] [Missing] 308
Retreat to Move Forward Q7316932 [Missing] [Missing] 309
Generalissimo Q5532417 [Missing] [Missing] 310
St. Valentine's Day Q7592036 [Missing] [Missing] 311
Larry King Q6490622 [Missing] [Missing] 312
Goodbye, My Friend Q5583203 [Missing] [Missing] 313
The Funcooker Q7735453 [Missing] [Missing] 314
The Bubble Q7720452 [Missing] [Missing] 315
Apollo, Apollo Q4780253 [Missing] [Missing] 316
Cutbacks Q5196721 [Missing] [Missing] 317
Jackie Jormp-Jomp Q6116440 [Missing] [Missing]
The Ones Q7755100 [Missing] [Missing] 319
The Natural Order Q7753261 [Missing] [Missing] 320
Mamma Mia Q6745734 [Missing] [Missing] 321
Kidney Now! Q6404828 [Missing] [Missing] 322
Season 4 Q1648850 — 30 Rock, season 4
Season 4 Q7441871 [Missing] [Missing] 401
Into the Crevasse Q6057960 [Missing] [Missing] 402
Stone Mountain Q7618989 [Missing] [Missing] 403
Audition Day Q4819964 [Missing] [Missing] 404
The Problem Solvers Q7758431 [Missing] [Missing] 405
Sun Tea Q15649242 [Missing] [Missing] 406
Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001 Q5245892 [Missing] [Missing] 407
Secret Santa Q7444088 [Missing] [Missing] 408
Klaus and Greta Q6419983 [Missing] [Missing] 409
Black Light Attack! Q4921179 [Missing] [Missing] 410
Winter Madness Q8026272 [Missing] [Missing] 411
Verna Q7921904 [Missing] [Missing] 412
Anna Howard Shaw Day Q4767091 [Missing] [Missing] 413
Future Husband Q5510690 [Missing] [Missing] 414
Don Geiss, America and Hope Q5292662 [Missing] [Missing] 415
Floyd Q5462373 [Missing] [Missing] 416
Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter Q10316869 [Missing] [Missing] 417
Khonani Q6402214 [Missing] [Missing] 418
Argus Q4789777 [Missing] [Missing] 419
The Moms Q15649252 [Missing] [Missing] 420
Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land Q15649253 [Missing] [Missing] 421
I Do Do Q10299537 [Missing] [Missing] 422
Season 5 Q1776046 — 30 Rock, season 5
The Fabian Strategy Q7732975 [Missing] [Missing] 501
When It Rains, It Pours Q7992624 [Missing] [Missing]
Let's Stay Together Q6532578 [Missing] [Missing] 503
Live Show Q10319255 [Missing] [Missing] 504
Reaganing Q7300756 [Missing] [Missing] 505
Gentleman's Intermission Q5533706 [Missing] [Missing] 506
Brooklyn Without Limits Q4974925 [Missing] [Missing] 507
College Q5146316 [Missing] [Missing] 508
Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish Q5067911 [Missing] [Missing] 509
Christmas Attack Zone Q5111298 [Missing] [Missing] 510
Mrs. Donaghy Q15649265 [Missing] [Missing] 511
Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning Q7097463 [Missing] [Missing] 512
¡Qué Sorpresa! Q8076378 [Missing] [Missing] 513
Double-Edged Sword Q5299571 [Missing] [Missing] 514
It's Never Too Late for Now Q6090389 [Missing] [Missing] 515
TGS Hates Women Q7670183 [Missing] [Missing] 516
Queen of Jordan (30 Rock) Q13422350 [Missing] [Missing] 517
Plan B Q7200879 [Missing] [Missing] 518
I Heart Connecticut Q5977620 [Missing] [Missing] 519
100 Q4546098 [Missing] [Missing]
Everything Sunny All the Time Always Q5418094 [Missing] [Missing] 515
Respawn Q7315850 [Missing] [Missing] 523
Season 6 Q2057720 — 30 Rock, season 6
Dance Like Nobody's Watching Q5215151 [Missing] [Missing] 601
Idiots Are People Two! Q5989040 [Missing] [Missing] 602
Idiots Are People Three! Q5989038 [Missing] [Missing] 603
The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell Q7715426 [Missing] [Missing] 604
Today You Are a Man Q7812215 [Missing] [Missing] 605
Hey, Baby, What's Wrong Q5749138 [Missing] [Missing]
The Tuxedo Begins Q7770772 [Missing] [Missing] 608
Leap Day Q10316811 [Missing] [Missing] 609
Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky Q4721455 [Missing] [Missing] 610
Standards and Practices Q15649301 [Missing] [Missing] 611
St. Patrick's Day Q7590945 [Missing] [Missing] 612
Grandmentor Q5595494 [Missing] [Missing] 613
Kidnapped by Danger Q6404787 [Missing] [Missing] 614
The Shower Principle Q15649305 [Missing] [Missing] 615
Nothing Left to Lose Q7062798 [Missing] [Missing] 616
Meet the Woggels! Q6807870 [Missing] [Missing] 617
Murphy Brown Lied to Us Q6938933 [Missing] [Missing] 618
Live from Studio 6H Q6657338 [Missing] [Missing]
Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper Q7270611 [Missing] [Missing] 620
The Return of Avery Jessup Q7760390 [Missing] [Missing] 621
What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? Q7991433 [Missing] [Missing] 622
Season 7 Q3727467 — 30 Rock, season 7
The Beginning of the End Q7716347 [Missing] [Missing] 701
Governor Dunston Q10290789 [Missing] [Missing] 702
Stride of Pride Q7623703 [Missing] [Missing] 703
Unwindulax Q7897830 [Missing] [Missing] 704
There's No I in America Q7782583 [Missing] [Missing] 705
Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy Q4821988 [Missing] [Missing] 706
Mazel Tov, Dummies! Q6798430 [Missing] [Missing] 707
My Whole Life Is Thunder Q2812321 [Missing] 133 708
Game Over Q15649324 [Missing] [Missing] 709
Florida Q5461162 [Missing] [Missing] 710
A Goon's Deed in a Weary World Q4657141 [Missing] [Missing] 711
Hogcock! Q5877169 [Missing] [Missing] 712
Last Lunch Q6494460 [Missing] [Missing] 713

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