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Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'followed by' but no 'follows': Unaired Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot (Q7882244), Unaired Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot (Q7882244)
Becoming (Q649543) followed by Anne (Q2850961), but Anne (Q2850961) follows Becoming (Part 2) (Q50059157)
What's My Line (Q2889983) follows The Dark Age (Q3636114), but The Dark Age (Q3636114) followed by What's My Line (Part 1) (Q50058650)
What's My Line (Q2889983) followed by Ted (Q3030462), but Ted (Q3030462) follows What's My Line (Part 2) (Q50058649)
Bargaining (Q2956454) follows The Gift (Q2739729), but The Gift (Q2739729) followed by Bargaining (Part 1) (Q50060499)
Graduation Day (Q3032409) follows The Prom (Q3231488), but The Prom (Q3231488) followed by Graduation Day (Part 1) (Q28631684)
Becoming (Part 1) (Q50059130) follows Go Fish (Q3033289), but Go Fish (Q3033289) followed by Becoming (Q649543)
Graduation Day (Part 2) (Q11221845) followed by The Freshman (Q3030534), but The Freshman (Q3030534) follows Graduation Day (Q3032409)
Bargaining (Part 2) (Q50060502) followed by After Life (Q3458093), but After Life (Q3458093) follows Bargaining (Q2956454)
The number of episodes actually found in season None (150) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (144)
6 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Becoming Q649543 [Missing]
What's My Line Q2889983 [Missing]
Bargaining Q2956454 [Missing]
Graduation Day Q3032409 [Missing]
Unaired Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot Q7882244 [Missing]
Unaired Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot Q7882244 [Missing]
Welcome to the Hellmouth Q2902031 1 4V01
The Harvest Q7161555 2 4V02
Witch Q2732911 3 4V03
Teacher's Pet Q3102794 4 4V04
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date Q3108146 5 4V05
The Pack Q937803 6 4V06
Angel Q2836445 7 4V07
I, Robot… You Jane Q2748630 8 4V08
The Puppet Show Q2748636 9 4V09
Nightmares Q3109739 10 4V10
Out of Mind, Out of Sight Q3109433 11 4V11
Prophecy Girl Q3106050 12 4V12
When She Was Bad Q5400755 13 5V01
Some Assembly Required Q3030454 14 5V02
School Hard Q2869928 15 5V03
Inca Mummy Girl Q3210756 16 5V04
Reptile Boy Q592955 17 5V05
Halloween Q3126172 18 5V06
Lie to Me Q6543836 19 5V07
The Dark Age Q3636114 20 5V08
What's My Line (Part 1) Q50058650 21
What's My Line (Part 2) Q50058649 22
Ted Q3030462 23 5V11
Bad Eggs Q745429 24 5V12
Surprise Q3151385 25 5V13
Innocence Q6035933 26 5V14
Phases Q3392254 27 5V15
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Q3548442 28 5V16
Passion Q3206788 29 5V17
Killed by Death Q3029815 30 5V18
I Only Have Eyes for You Q3212874 31 5V19
Go Fish Q3033289 32 5V20
Becoming (Part 1) Q50059130 33
Becoming (Part 2) Q50059157 34
Anne Q2850961 35 3ABB01
Dead Man's Party Q2739513 36 3ABB02
Faith, Hope & Trick Q929675 37 3ABB03
Beauty and the Beasts Q781907 38 3ABB04
Homecoming Q3220210 39 3ABB05
Band Candy Q2741780 40 3ABB06
Revelations Q3458442 41 3ABB07
Lovers Walk Q630188 42 3ABB08
The Wish Q3106057 43 3ABB09
Amends Q3030901 44 3ABB10
Gingerbread Q3153670 45 3ABB11
Helpless Q769051 46 3ABB12
The Zeppo Q3030292 47 3ABB13
Bad Girls Q619424 48 3ABB14
Consequences Q2870241 49 3ABB15
Doppelgangland Q2739732 50 3ABB16
Enemies Q3536509 51 3ABB17
Earshot Q3562524 52 3ABB18
Choices Q3028077 53 3ABB19
The Prom Q3231488 54 3ABB20
Graduation Day (Part 1) Q28631684 55
Graduation Day (Part 2) Q11221845 56
The Freshman Q3030534 57 4ABB01
Living Conditions Q2981875 58 4ABB02
The Harsh Light of Day Q3045110 59 4ABB03
Fear, Itself Q3031251 60 4ABB04
Beer Bad Q2834051 61 4ABB05
Wild at Heart Q650894 62 4ABB06
The Initiative Q3031245 63 4ABB07
Pangs Q949847 64 4ABB08
Something Blue Q3031274 65 4ABB09
Hush Q3029071 66 4ABB10
Doomed Q3208963 67 4ABB11
A New Man Q2816119 68 4ABB12
The I in Team Q3031257 69 4ABB13
Goodbye Iowa Q600370 70 4ABB14
This Year's Girl Q3028055 71 4ABB15
Who Are You Q3549734 72 4ABB16
Superstar Q3504807 73 4ABB17
Where the Wild Things Are Q3210429 74 4ABB18
New Moon Rising Q3030280 75 4ABB19
The Yoko Factor Q2892456 76 4ABB20
Primeval Q2836562 77 4ABB21
Restless Q2740175 78 4ABB22
Buffy vs. Dracula Q2739726 79 5ABB01
Real Me Q3160746 80 5ABB02
The Replacement Q3029822 81 5ABB03
Out of My Mind Q3412867 82 5ABB04
No Place Like Home Q3511792 83 5ABB05
Family Q3233537 84 5ABB06
Fool for Love Q3030889 85 5ABB07
Shadow Q3149813 86 5ABB08
Listening to Fear Q3333924 87 5ABB09
Into the Woods Q3363023 88 5ABB10
Triangle Q3538674 89 5ABB11
Checkpoint Q3204224 90 5ABB12
Blood Ties Q3207534 91 5ABB13
Crush Q3031224 92 5ABB14
I Was Made to Love You Q2947585 93 5ABB15
The Body Q651192 94 5ABB16
Forever Q949019 95 5ABB17
Intervention Q3212112 96 5ABB18
Tough Love Q3276963 97 5ABB19
Spiral Q3212955 98 5ABB20
The Weight of the World Q615190 99 5ABB21
The Gift Q2739729 100 5ABB22
Bargaining (Part 1) Q50060499 101
Bargaining (Part 2) Q50060502 102
After Life Q3458093 103 6ABB03
Flooded Q3213394 104 6ABB04
Life Serial Q3031264 105 6ABB05
All the Way Q2879996 106 6ABB06
Once More, with Feeling Q1501524 107 6ABB07
Tabula Rasa Q3513559 108 6ABB08
Smashed Q3577358 109 6ABB09
Wrecked Q3044816 110 6ABB10
Gone Q3208742 111 6ABB11
Doublemeat Palace Q3067115 112 6ABB12
Dead Things Q3033292 113 6ABB13
Older and Far Away Q3472446 114 6ABB14
As You Were Q3028360 115 6ABB15
Hell's Bells Q3207807 116 6ABB16
Normal Again Q3030845 117 6ABB17
Entropy Q3055332 118 6ABB18
Seeing Red Q3443229 119 6ABB19
Villains Q2735998 120 6ABB20
Two to Go Q4825928 121 6ABB21
Grave Q3033293 122 6ABB22
Lessons Q3454672 123 7ABB01
Beneath You Q4832904 124 7ABB02
Same Time, Same Place Q3030835 125 7ABB03
Help Q3212027 126 7ABB04
Selfless Q3002719 127 7ABB05
Him Q3075078 128 7ABB06
Conversations with Dead People Q2993489 129 7ABB07
Sleeper Q3029949 130 7ABB08
Never Leave Me Q3226968 131 7ABB09
Bring on the Night Q972195 132 7ABB10
Showtime Q3030828 133 7ABB11
Potential Q3212226 134 7ABB12
The Killer in Me Q3040926 135 7ABB13
First Date Q3425260 136 7ABB14
Get It Done Q3428146 137 7ABB15
Storyteller Q3492101 138 7ABB16
Lies My Parents Told Me Q3548788 139 7ABB17
Dirty Girls Q3026343 140 7ABB18
Empty Places Q3209253 141 7ABB19
Touched Q2995865 142 7ABB20
End of Days Q3208956 143 7ABB21
Chosen Q2378871 144 7ABB22

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