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Episode Conundrum (Q4036518) has no previous or next episode
The number of episodes actually found in season None (358) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (357)
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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Conundrum Q4036518 [Missing]
Digger's Daughter Q51126246 1
The Lesson Q51126247 2
Spy in the House Q51126248 3
Winds of Vengeance Q51126250 4
Barbecue Q51126251 5
Reunion, Part 1 Q51126252 6
Reunion, Part 2 Q51126253 7
Old Acquaintance Q51126254 8
Bypass Q51126255 9
Black Market Baby Q51126257 10
Double Wedding Q51126259 11
Runaway Q51126260 12
Election Q51126261 13
Survival Q51126263 14
Act of Love Q51126264 15
Triangle Q51126265 16
Fallen Idol Q51126266 17
Kidnapped Q51126268 18
Home Again Q51126269 19
For Love or Money Q51126270 20
Julie's Return Q51126271 21
The Red File, Part 1 Q51126272 22
The Red File, Part 2 Q51126273 23
Sue Ellen's Sister Q51126274 24
Call Girl Q51126276 25
Royal Marriage Q51126277 26
The Outsiders Q51126278 27
John Ewing III: Part 1 Q51126279 28
John Ewing III: Part 2 Q51126281 29
Whatever Happened to Baby John?, Part I Q51126282 30
Whatever Happened to Baby John?, Part II Q51126283 31
The Silent Killer Q51126284 32
Secrets Q51126285 33
The Kristin Affair Q51126286 34
The Dove Hunt Q51126287 35
The Lost Child Q51126289 36
Rodeo Q51126291 37
Mastectomy, Part I Q51126292 38
Mastectomy, Part II Q51126293 39
The Heiress Q51126294 40
Ellie Saves the Day Q51126296 41
Mother of the Year Q51126297 42
Return Engagements Q51126298 43
Love and Marriage Q51126299 44
Power Play Q51126300 45
Paternity Suit Q51126302 46
Jenna's Return Q51126303 47
Sue Ellen's Choice Q51126305 48
Second Thoughts Q51126306 49
Divorce—Ewing Style Q51126308 50
Jock's Trial, Part I Q51126309 51
Jock's Trial, Part II Q51126311 52
The Wheeler Dealer Q51126312 53
A House Divided Q4657414 54 54
No More Mister Nice Guy, Part I Q51126313 55
No More Mister Nice Guy, Part II Q51126314 56
Nightmare Q51126315 57
Who Done It Q7997227 58 58
Taste of Success Q51126316 59
The Venezuelan Connection Q51126317 60
The Fourth Son Q51126318 61
Trouble at Ewing 23 Q51126319 62
The Prodigal Mother Q51126320 63
Executive Wife Q51126322 64
End of the Road, Part I Q51126323 65
End of the Road, Part II Q51126325 66
Making of a President Q51126326 67
Start the Revolution With Me Q51126327 68
The Quest Q51126328 69
Lover, Come Back Q51126329 70
The New Mrs. Ewing Q51126330 71
Mark of Cain Q51126332 72
The Gathering Storm Q51126333 73
Ewing vs. Ewing Q51126334 74
New Beginnings Q51126335 75
Full Circle Q51126336 76
Ewing-Gate Q51126337 77
Missing Heir Q51126340 78
Gone, But Not Forgotten Q51126342 79
Showdown at San Angelo Q51126343 80
Little Boy Lost Q51126344 81
The Sweet Smell of Revenge Q51126345 82
The Big Shut Down Q51126346 83
Blocked Q51126347 84
The Split Q51126348 85
Five Dollars a Barrel Q51126349 86
Starting Over Q51126351 87
Waterloo at Southfork Q51126352 88
Barbecue Two Q51126353 89
The Search Q51126355 90
Denial Q51126356 91
Head of the Family Q51126357 92
The Phoenix Q51126358 93
My Father, My Son Q51126359 94
Anniversary Q51126361 95
Adoption Q51126362 96
The Maelstrom Q51126363 97
The Prodigal Q51126365 98
Vengeance Q51126366 99
Blackmail Q51126367 100
The Investigation Q51126368 101
Acceptance Q51126369 102
Goodbye, Cliff Barnes Q51126370 103
Changing of the Guard Q51126371 104
Where There's a Will Q51126374 105
Billion Dollar Question Q51126376 106
The Big Ball Q51126377 107
Jock's Will Q51126378 108
Aftermath Q51126379 109
Hit and Run Q51126380 110
The Ewing Touch Q51126381 111
Fringe Benefits Q51126382 112
The Wedding Q51126383 113
Post Nuptial Q51126384 114
Barbecue Three Q51126385 115
Mama Dearest Q51126386 116
The Ewing Blues Q51126389 117
The Reckoning Q51126390 118
A Ewing Is a Ewing Q51126392 119
Crash of '83 Q51126393 120
Requiem Q51126394 121
Legacy Q51126395 122
Brothers and Sisters Q51126396 123
Caribbean Connection Q51126397 124
The Sting Q51126398 125
Hell Hath No Fury Q51126399 126
Cuba Libre Q51126400 127
Tangled Web Q51126401 128
Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork Q51126403 129
Penultimate Q51126404 130
Ewing Inferno Q51126406 131
The Road Back Q51126407 132
The Long Goodbye Q51126408 133
The Letter Q51126409 134
My Brother's Keeper Q51126411 135
The Quality of Mercy Q51126412 136
Check and Mate Q51126414 137
Ray's Trial Q51126416 138
The Oil Barons' Ball Q51126417 139
Morning After Q51126418 140
The Buck Stops Here Q51126419 141
To Catch a Sly Q51126420 142
Barbecue Four Q51126421 143
Past Imperfect Q51126422 144
Peter's Principles Q51126423 145
Offshore Crude Q51126424 146
Some Do... Some Don't Q51126425 147
Eye of the Beholder Q51126426 148
Twelve Mile Limit Q51126427 149
Where Is Poppa? Q51126430 150
When the Bough Breaks Q51126432 151
True Confessions Q51126433 152
And the Winner Is... Q51126434 153
Fools Rush In Q51126435 154
The Unexpected Q51126437 155
Strange Alliance Q51126438 156
Blow Up Q51126440 157
Turning Point Q51126442 158
Love Stories Q51126443 159
Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie Q51126444 160
End Game Q51126446 161
Killer at Large Q51126447 162
Battle Lines Q51126448 163
If at First You Don't Succeed Q51126449 164
Jamie Q51126450 165
Family Q51126451 166
Shadow of a Doubt Q51126452 167
Homecoming Q51126453 168
Oil Baron's Ball III Q51126454 169
Shadows Q51126455 170
Charlie Q51126456 171
Barbecue Five Q51126458 172
Do You Take This Woman... Q51126460 173
Deja Vu Q51126461 174
Odd Man Out Q51126462 175
Lockup in Laredo Q51126463 176
Winds of War Q51126464 177
Bail Out Q51126465 178
Legacy of Hate Q51126467 179
Sins of the Fathers Q51126468 180
The Brothers Ewing Q51126469 181
Shattered Dreams Q51126470 182
Dead Ends Q51126473 183
Trial and Error Q51126474 184
The Verdict Q51126476 185
Sentences Q51126478 186
Terms of Estrangement Q51126479 187
The Ewing Connection Q51126480 188
Deeds and Misdeeds Q51126481 189
Deliverance Q51126482 190
Swan Song Q51126483 191
The Family Ewing Q51126484 192
Rock Bottom Q51126485 193
Those Eyes Q51126487 194
Resurrection Q51126489 195
Saving Grace Q51126490 196
Mothers Q51126492 197
The Wind of Change Q51126494 198
Quandary Q51126496 199
Close Encounters Q51126497 200
Suffer the Little Children Q51126498 201
The Prize Q51126499 202
En Pasant Q51126500 203
Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen Q51126501 204
Curiosity Killed the Cat Q51126503 205
The Missing Link Q51126504 206
Twenty-Four Hours Q51126505 207
The Deadly Game Q51126506 208
Blame It on Bogota Q51126507 209
Shadow Games Q51126508 210
Missing Q51126510 211
Dire Straits Q51126511 212
Overture Q51126512 213
Sitting Ducks Q51126513 214
Masquerade Q51126514 215
Just Desserts Q51126515 216
Nothing's Ever Perfect Q51126518 217
J.R. Rising Q51126519 218
Serendipity Q51126520 219
Thrice In a Lifetime Q51126521 220
Hello, Goodbye, Hello Q51126522 221
Blast From the Past Q51126523 222
Return to Camelot, Part I Q51126525 223
Return to Camelot, Part II Q51126526 224
Pari Per Sue Q51126528 225
Once and Future King Q51126529 226
Enigma Q51126530 227
Trompe L'Oeil Q51126533 228
Territorial Imperative Q51126535 229
The Second Time Around Q51126536 230
Bells Are Ringing Q51126537 231
Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball? Q51126538 232
Proof Positive Q51126539 233
Something Old, Something New Q51126540 234
Bar-B-Cued Q51126541 235
The Fire Next Time Q51126542 236
So Shall Ye Reap Q51126543 237
Tick, Tock Q51126545 238
Night Visitor Q51126546 239
Cat and Mouse Q51126548 240
High Noon for Calhoun Q51126549 241
Olio Q51126550 242
A Death in the Family Q51126551 243
Revenge of the Nerd Q51126552 244
The Ten Percent Solution Q51126553 245
Some Good, Some Bad Q51126554 246
War and Peace Q51126555 247
Ruthless People Q51126557 248
The Dark at the End of the Tunnel Q51126558 249
Two-Fifty Q51126560 250
Fall of the House of Ewing Q51126562 251
After the Fall: Ewing Rise Q51126564 252
After the Fall: Digger Redux Q51126565 253
The Son Also Rises Q51126566 254
Gone with the Wind Q51126567 255
The Lady Vanishes Q51126569 256
Tough Love Q51126570 257
Last Tango in Dallas Q51126571 258
Mummy's Revenge Q51126572 259
Hustling Q51126573 260
Bedtime Stories Q51126574 261
Lovers and Other Liars Q51126575 262
Brothers and Sons Q51126577 263
Brother, Can You Spare a Child? Q51126578 264
Daddy's Little Darlin Q51126579 265
It's Me Again Q51126580 266
Marriage on the Rocks Q51126581 267
Anniversary Waltz Q51126582 268
Brotherly Love Q51126583 269
The Best Laid Plans Q51126584 270
Farlow's Follies Q51126586 271
Malice in Dallas Q51126587 272
Crime Story Q51126588 273
To Have and to Hold Q51126591 274
Dead Reckoning Q51126592 275
Never Say Never Q51126593 276
Last of the Good Guys Q51126594 277
Top Gun Q51126596 278
Pillow Talk Q51126597 279
Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork, Again Q51126598 280
The Fat Lady Singeth Q51126599 281
Carousel Q51126600 282
No Greater Love Q51126601 283
The Call of the Wild Q51126602 284
Out of the Frying Pan Q51126604 285
Road Work Q51126605 286
War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing Q51126606 287
Showdown at the Ewing Corral Q51126607 288
Deception Q51126608 289
Counter Attack Q51126609 290
The Sting Q51126610 291
The Two Mrs. Ewings Q51126612 292
The Switch Q51126614 293
He-e-ere's Papa! Q51126616 294
Comings and Goings Q51126617 295
County Girl Q51126618 296
Wedding Bell Blues Q51126619 297
The Way We Were Q51126620 298
The Serpent's Tooth Q51126621 299
Three Hundred Q51126622 300
April Showers Q51126623 301
And Away We Go! Q51126624 302
Yellow Brick Road Q51126625 303
The Sound of Money Q51126626 304
The Great Texas Waltz Q51126627 305
Mission to Moscow Q51126628 306
Reel Life Q51126629 307
Phantom of the Oil Rig Q51126630 308
The Leopard's Spots Q51126631 309
Cry Me a River of Oil Q51126632 310
Ka-booooom! Q51126633 311
Sunrise, Sunset Q51126634 312
Pride and Prejudice Q51126635 313
Fathers and Other Strangers Q51126636 314
Black Tide Q51126638 315
Daddy's Dearest Q51126639 316
Hell's Fury Q51126640 317
Cally On a Hot Tin Roof Q51126641 318
Sex, Lies and Videotape Q51126642 319
A Tale of Two Cities Q51126643 320
Judgement Day Q51126644 321
Unchain My Heart Q51126645 322
I Dream of Jeannie Q51126646 323
After Midnight Q51126648 324
The Crucible Q51126649 325
Dear Hearts and Gentle People Q51126650 326
Paradise Lost Q51126652 327
Will Power Q51126653 328
The Smiling Cobra Q51126654 329
Jessica Redux Q51126655 330
Family Plot Q51126656 331
The Southfork Wedding Jinx Q51126657 332
Three, Three, Three, Part I Q51126658 333
Three, Three, Three, Part II Q51126660 334
April in Paris Q51126661 335
Charade Q51126662 336
One Last Kiss Q51126663 337
Terminus Q51126664 338
Tunnel of Love Q51126665 339
Heart and Soul Q51126667 340
The Fabulous Ewing Boys Q51126668 341
The Odessa File Q51126669 342
Sail On Q51126670 343
Lock, Stock and Jock Q51126671 344
"S" is for Seduction Q51126672 345
Designing Women Q51126673 346
90265 Q51126674 347
Smooth Operator Q51126676 348
Win Some, Lose Some Q51126677 349
Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons Q51126678 350
When the Wind Blows Q51126679 351
Those Darned Ewings Q51126680 352
Farewell, My Lovely Q51126682 353
Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out Q51126683 354
The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire Q51126684 355
Conundrum, Part I Q51126685 356
Conundrum, Part II Q51126687 357

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