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“Agent Carter”

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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Now is Not the End Q19865712 1
Bridge and Tunnel Q18890217 2
Time and Tide Q19881395 3
The Blitzkrieg Button Q19867538 4
The Iron Ceiling Q19880620 5
A Sin to Err Q20979189 6
Snafu Q20979391 7
Valediction Q20979429 8
The Lady in the Lake Q23003036 9
A View in the Dark Q23003272 10
Better Angels Q25217374 11
Smoke & Mirrors Q25217422 12
The Atomic Job Q24207084 13
Life of the Party Q25217504 14
Monsters Q25217560 15
The Edge of Mystery Q24207089 16
A Little Song and Dance Q24207090 17
Hollywood Ending Q25217575 18

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