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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Revenge Q49657054 1
Premonition Q49657056 2
Triggers in Leash Q49657060 3
Don't Come Back Alive Q49657063 4
Into Thin Air Q49657067 5
Salvage Q49657069 6
Breakdown Q49657071 7
Our Cook's a Treasure Q49657073 8
The Long Shot Q49657076 9
The Case of Mr. Pelham Q49657077 10
Guilty Witness Q49657080 11
Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid Q49657083 12
The Cheney Vase Q49657085 13
A Bullet for Baldwin Q49657087 14
The Big Switch Q49657092 15
You Got to Have Luck Q49657094 16
The Older Sister Q49657097 17
Shopping for Death Q49657100 18
The Derelicts Q49657103 19
And So Died Riabouchinska Q49657105 20
Safe Conduct Q49657109 21
Place of Shadows Q49657112 22
Back for Christmas Q49657115 23
The Perfect Murder Q49657116 24
There Was an Old Woman Q49657119 25
Whodunit Q49657122 26
Help Wanted Q49657124 27
Portrait of Jocelyn Q49657128 28
The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby Q49657131 29
Never Again Q49657133 30
The Gentleman from America Q49657136 31
The Baby Sitter Q49657139 32
The Belfry Q49657141 33
The Hidden Thing Q49657145 34
The Legacy Q49657147 35
Mink Q49657149 36
Decoy Q49657152 37
The Creeper Q49657155 38
Momentum Q49657157 39
Wet Saturday Q49657160 40
Fog Closing In Q49657162 41
De Mortuis Q49657164 42
Kill with Kindness Q49657167 43
None Are So Blind Q49657170 44
Toby Q49657172 45
Alibi Me Q49657175 46
Conversation Over a Corpse Q49657177 47
Crack of Doom Q49657180 48
Jonathan Q49657184 49
The Better Bargain Q49657187 50
The Rose Garden Q49657190 51
Mr. Blanchard's Secret Q49657193 52
John Brown's Body Q49657196 53
Crackpot Q49657199 54
Nightmare in 4-D Q49657201 55
My Brother, Richard Q49657204 56
The Manacled Q49657207 57
A Bottle of Wine Q49657210 58
Malice Domestic Q49657213 59
Number Twenty-Two Q49657215 60
The End of Indian Summer Q49657218 61
One for the Road Q49657221 62
The Cream of the Jest Q49657223 63
I Killed The Count, Part I Q49657225 64
I Killed The Count, Part II Q49657228 65
I Killed The Count, Part III Q49657231 66
One More Mile to Go Q49657233 67
Vicious Circle Q49657236 68
The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater Q49657239 69
The Night the World Ended Q49657241 70
The Hands of Mr. Ottermole Q49657244 71
A Man Greatly Beloved Q49657247 72
Martha Mason, Movie Star Q49657249 73
The West Warlock Time Capsule Q49657253 74
Father and Son Q49657254 75
The Indestructible Mr. Weems Q49657256 76
A Little Sleep Q49657260 77
The Dangerous People Q49657262 78
The Glass Eye Q49657265 79
Mail Order Prophet Q49657267 80
The Perfect Crime Q49657270 81
Heart of Gold Q49657273 82
Silent Witness Q49657276 83
Reward to Finder Q49657279 84
Enough Rope for Two Q49657282 85
The Last Request Q49657285 86
The Young One Q49657288 87
The Diplomatic Corpse Q49657292 88
The Deadly Q49657295 89
Miss Paisley's Cat Q49657297 90
Night of the Execution Q49657301 91
The Percentage Q49657304 92
Together Q49657308 93
Sylvia Q49657311 94
The Motive Q49657313 95
Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty Q49657316 96
The Equalizer Q49657320 97
On the Nose Q49657321 98
Guest for Breakfast Q49657323 99
The Return of the Hero Q49657326 100
The Right Kind of House Q49657329 101
The Foghorn Q49657331 102
Flight to the East Q49657334 103
Bull in a China Shop Q49657337 104
Disappearing Trick Q49657340 105
Lamb to the Slaughter Q49657343 106
Fatal Figures Q49657347 107
Death Sentence Q49657350 108
The Festive Season Q49657353 109
Listen, Listen.....! Q49657356 110
Post Mortem Q49657360 111
The Crocodile Case Q49657362 112
Dip in the Pool Q49657364 113
The Safe Place Q49657367 114
The Canary Sedan Q49657371 115
The Impromptu Murder Q49657374 116
Little White Frock Q49657376 117
Poison Q49657380 118
Don't Interrupt Q49657383 119
The Jokester Q49657386 120
The Crooked Road Q49657387 121
The $2,000,000 Defense Q49657391 122
Design for Loving Q49657393 123
Man with a Problem Q49657397 124
Safety for the Witness Q49657400 125
Murder Me Twice Q49657403 126
Tea Time Q49657407 127
And the Desert Shall Blossom Q49657410 128
Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore Q49657414 129
Six People, No Music Q49657417 130
The Morning After Q49657421 131
A Personal Matter Q49657423 132
Out There - Darkness Q49657426 133
Total Loss Q49657430 134
The Last Dark Step Q49657433 135
The Morning of the Bride Q49657435 136
The Diamond Necklace Q49657437 137
Relative Value Q49657440 138
The Right Price Q49657444 139
I'll Take Care of You Q49657447 140
The Avon Emeralds Q49657451 141
The Kind Waitress Q49657453 142
Cheap Is Cheap Q49657456 143
The Waxwork Q49657458 144
The Impossible Dream Q49657462 145
Banquo's Chair Q49657465 146
A Night with the Boys Q49657467 147
Your Witness Q49657469 148
Human Interest Story Q49657474 149
The Dusty Drawer Q49657478 150
A True Account Q49657481 151
Touché Q49657482 152
Invitation to an Accident Q49657485 153
Arthur Q49657489 154
The Crystal Trench Q49657491 155
Appointment at Eleven Q49657493 156
Coyote Moon Q49657496 157
No Pain Q49657499 158
Anniversary Gift Q49657501 159
Dry Run Q49657504 160
The Blessington Method Q49657506 161
Dead Weight Q49657509 162
Special Delivery Q49657513 163
Road Hog Q16028890 164
Specialty of the House Q49657519 165
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Q49657523 166
Graduating Class Q49657526 167
Man from the South Q28136346 168
The Ikon of Elijah Q49657531 169
The Cure Q49657535 170
Backward, Turn Backward Q49657538 171
Not the Running Type Q49657541 172
The Day of the Bullet Q49657543 173
Hitch Hike Q49657547 174
Across the Threshold Q49657549 175
Craig's Will Q49657553 176
Madame Mystery Q49657556 177
The Little Man Who Was There Q49657560 178
Mother, May I Go Out to Swim? Q49657563 179
The Cuckoo Clock Q49657567 180
Forty Detectives Later Q49657570 181
The Hero Q49657572 182
Insomnia Q49657575 183
I Can Take Care of Myself Q49657578 184
One Grave Too Many Q49657581 185
Party Line Q49657583 186
Cell 227 Q49657587 187
The Schartz-Metterklume Method Q49657590 188
Letter of Credit Q49657593 189
Escape to Sonoita Q49657594 190
Hooked Q49657598 191
Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat Q49657601 192
The Doubtful Doctor Q49657604 193
Very Moral Theft Q49657608 194
The Contest for Aaron Gold Q49657611 195
The Five-Forty-Eight Q49657615 196
Pen Pal Q49657619 197
Outlaw in Town Q49657622 198
O Youth and Beauty! Q49657624 199
The Money Q49657626 200
Sybilla Q49657629 201
The Man with Two Faces Q49657631 202
The Baby-Blue Expression Q49657634 203
The Man Who Found the Money Q49657637 204
The Changing Heart Q49657640 205
Summer Shade Q49657642 206
A Crime for Mothers Q49657645 207
The Last Escape Q49657648 208
The Greatest Monster of Them All Q49657651 209
The Landlady Q49657655 210
The Throwback Q49657657 211
The Kiss-Off Q49657660 212
The Horseplayer Q49657663 213
Incident in a Small Jail Q49657665 214
A Woman's Help Q49657668 215
Museum Piece Q49657670 216
Coming, Mama Q49657673 217
Deathmate Q49657675 218
Gratitude Q49657679 219
The Pearl Necklace Q49657682 220
You Can't Trust a Man Q49657685 221
The Gloating Place Q49657688 222
Self Defense Q49657691 223
A Secret Life Q49657693 224
Servant Problem Q49657696 225
Coming Home Q49657698 226
Final Arrangements Q49657700 227
Make My Death Bed Q49657702 228
Ambition Q49657706 229
The Hatbox Q49657709 230
Bang! You're Dead! Q49657710 231
Maria Q49657712 232
Cop for a Day Q49657715 233
Keep Me Company Q49657718 234
Beta Delta Gamma Q49657720 235
You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life Q49657723 236
The Old Pro Q49657726 237
I Spy Q49657729 238
Services Rendered Q49657731 239
The Right Kind of Medicine Q49657733 240
A Jury of Her Peers Q49657736 241
The Silk Petticoat Q49657738 242
Bad Actor Q49657741 243
The Door Without a Key Q49657744 244
The Case of M.J.H. Q49657747 245
The Faith of Aaron Menefee Q49657751 246
The Woman Who Wanted to Live Q49657754 247
Strange Miracle Q49657757 248
The Test Q49657759 249
Burglar Proof Q49657761 250
The Big Score Q49657764 251
Profit-Sharing Plan Q49657768 252
Apex Q49657770 253
The Last Remains Q49657774 254
Ten O'Clock Tiger Q49657778 255
Act of Faith Q49657782 256
The Kerry Blue Q49657785 257
The Matched Pearl Q49657786 258
What Frightened You, Fred? Q49657789 259
Most Likely to Succeed Q49657792 260
Victim Four Q49657794 261
The Opportunity Q49657798 262
The Twelve Hour Caper Q49657800 263
The Children of Alda Nuova Q49657804 264
First Class Honeymoon Q49657806 265
The Big Kick Q49657809 266
Where Beauty Lies Q49657812 267
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Q7765319 268

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