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“Death in Paradise”

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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Death in Paradise Q60367723 1
Wicked Wedding Night Q60367724 2
Predicting Murder Q60367725 3
Missing a Body? Q60367726 4
Spot the Difference Q60367727 5
An Unhelpful Aid Q60367728 6
Music of Murder Q60367729 7
Amongst Us Q60367730 8
Murder on the Plantation Q60367731 9
An Unholy Death Q60367732 10
Death in the Clinic Q60367733 11
A Deadly Curse Q60367735 12
Death Onboard Q60367736 13
A Dash of Sunshine Q60367737 14
A Deadly Storm Q60367738 15
A Deadly Party Q60367740 16
Death of a Detective Q60367741 17
The Wrong Man Q60367742 18
An Artistic Murder Q60367743 19
Ye of Little Faith Q60367744 20
Political Suicide Q60367745 21
The Early Bird Q60367746 22
The Man With The Golden Gun Q60367747 23
Rue Morgue Q60367748 24
Stab in the Dark Q60367749 25
Hidden Secrets Q60367750 26
Damned If You Do... Q60367751 27
Until Death Do You Part Q60367752 28
Swimming in Murder Q60367753 29
The Perfect Murder Q60367755 30
She Was Murdered Twice Q60367756 31
Unlike Father, Unlike Son Q60367757 32
The Complex Murder Q60367758 33
One for the Road Q60367759 34
Posing in Murder Q60367760 35
A Personal Murder Q60367761 36
Lost Identity Q60367762 37
Dishing Up Murder Q60367763 38
The Blood Red Sea Q60367764 39
Flames of Love Q60367765 40
Erupting in Murder Q60367766 41
The Secret of the Flame Tree Q60367768 42
The Impossible Murder Q60367770 43
Stumped in Murder Q60367771 44
Man Overboard – Part One Q60367772 45
Man Overboard – Part Two Q60367773 46
The Seven-Year Mystery Q60367774 47
Murder in the Polls Q60367775 48
Murder from Above Q60367776 49
The Stakes Are High Q60367777 50
Written in Murder Q60367779 51
The Healer Q60367780 52
Murder on the Day of the Dead Q60367781 53
Meditated in Murder Q60367782 54
Dark Memories Q60367783 55
Melodies of Murder Q60367785 56

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