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Data quality issues

No issues found at the season level, but check the table below for missing data.

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Serenity Q7453220 1 1AGE79
The Train Job Q7769902 2 1AGE01
Bushwhacked Q5001589 3 1AGE02
Shindig Q7497303 4 1AGE03
Safe Q7398453 5 1AGE04
Our Mrs. Reynolds Q7111106 6 1AGE05
Jaynestown Q4160079 7 1AGE06
Out of Gas Q7111537 8 1AGE07
Ariel Q4790377 9 1AGE08
War Stories Q7968536 10 1AGE09
Trash Q7835704 11 1AGE12
The Message Q7751126 12 1AGE13
Heart of Gold Q5692282 13 1AGE10
Objects in Space Q7075095 14 1AGE11

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