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“Corn and Cluck”

Data quality issues

Q50226577 followed by Q50226579, but Q50226579 follows nothing
Episode Q50226579 has no previous or next episode
Q50226590 followed by Q50226592, but Q50226592 follows nothing
Episode Q50226592 has no previous or next episode
Q1470911 followed by Q50226629, but Q50226629 follows nothing
Episode Q50226629 has no previous or next episode

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Q50226577 Q50226577 1
Q50226579 Q50226579 2
Q50226583 Q50226583 3
Q50226588 Q50226588 4
Q50226590 Q50226590 5
Q50226592 Q50226592 6
Q50226597 Q50226597 7
Q50226604 Q50226604 8
Q50226610 Q50226610 9
Q50226615 Q50226615 10
Q50226619 Q50226619 11
Q50226622 Q50226622 12
Q50226626 Q50226626 13
Q1213496 Q1213496 14
Q1470911 Q1470911 15
Q50226629 Q50226629 16
Q50226634 Q50226634 17
Q1125111 Q1125111 18
Q1219346 Q1219346 19
Q50226637 Q50226637 20
Q50226639 Q50226639 21
Q1401121 Q1401121 22
Q50226642 Q50226642 23
Q50226646 Q50226646 24
Q50226650 Q50226650 25
Q50226654 Q50226654 26

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