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“8 Simple Rules”

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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
Pilot Q52259432 1
Wall of Shame Q52259433 2
Bridget's First Job Q52259434 3
Wings Q52259435 4
Son-in-law Q52259437 5
Cheerleader Q52259438 6
Trick or Treehouse Q52259439 7
By the Book Q52259440 8
Two Boys for Every Girl Q52259441 9
Give It Up Q52259442 10
Paul Meets His Match' Q52259443 11
All I Want for Christmas Q52259444 12
Rory's Got a Girlfriend Q52259445 13
Career Choices Q52259446 14
Kerry's Big Adventure Q52259448 15
Come and Knock on Our Door Q52259450 16
Drummer Boy, Part I Q52259451 17
Drummer Boy, Part II Q52259454 18
Cool Parent Q52259455 19
Every Picture Tells a Story Q52259456 20
Kerry's Video Q52259457 21
Good Moms Gone Wild Q52259459 22
Career Woman Q52259460 23
Queen Bees and King Bees Q52259461 24
Bake Sale Q52259462 25
The Doyle Wedding Q52259464 26
Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman, Part I Q52259465 27
Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman, Part II Q52259466 28
Premiere Q52259467 29
Sex Ed Q52259469 30
Donny Goes AWOL Q52259470 31
Goodbye, Part I Q52259471 32
Goodbye, Part II Q52259472 33
No Right Way Q52259473 34
What Dad Would Want Q52259474 35
The First Thanksgiving Q52259475 36
The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy Q52259476 37
YMCA Q52259477 38
Get Real Q52259478 39
Consequences Q52259479 40
Opposites Attract, Part I Q52259604 41
Opposites Attract, Part II Q52259605 42
Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust, Part III Q52259606 43
Daddy's Girl Q52259607 44
Mall in the Family Q52259609 45
Let's Keep Going, Part I Q52259610 46
Let's Keep Going, Part II Q52259612 47
C.J.'s Party Q52259613 48
Mother's Day Q52259614 49
The Principal Q52259615 50
Finale, Part Un Q52259617 51
Finale, Part Deux Q52259618 52
First Day of School Q52259619 53
Changes Q52259620 54
School Nurse Q52259621 55
Out of the Box Q52259622 56
Car Trouble Q52259623 57
Halloween Q52259624 58
Coach Q52259626 59
Secrets Q52259627 60
Thanksgiving Guest Q52259628 61
Vanity Unfair Q52259630 62
Princetown Girl Q52259631 63
A Very C.J. Christmas Q52259632 64
The Sub Q52259634 65
C.J.'s Temptation Q52259635 66
Old Flame Q52259636 67
Closure Q52259638 68
Volleybrawl Q52259639 69
Freaky Friday Q52259640 70
Torn Between Two Lovers Q52259642 71
C.J.'s Real Dad Q52259643 72
The After Party Q52259644 73
The Teachers Lounge Q52259645 74
The Sleepover Q52259647 75
Ditch Day Q52259649 76

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