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Data quality issues

More than one episode had a 'follows' but no 'followed by': Edith's 50th Birthday (Q5338475), Too Good Edith (Q51570492)
Episode The 200th Episode Celebration of All in the Family (Q27877421) has no previous or next episode
Edith's 50th Birthday (Q5338475) follows Cousin Liz (Q5178822), but Cousin Liz (Q5178822) followed by Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 1 (Q50871899)
The number of episodes actually found in season None (207) was different from the number of episodes suggested by the 'number of episodes' (P1113) statement (210)
2 episodes were missing an episode number, which should be specified as a 'series ordinal' (P1545) qualifier to the 'series' (P179) statement linking the episode to the series

Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
The 200th Episode Celebration of All in the Family Q27877421 [Missing]
Edith's 50th Birthday Q5338475 [Missing] 803
Meet the Bunkers Q51570246 1
Writing the President Q51570247 2
Oh, My Aching Back Q51570248 3
Archie Gives Blood Q51570249 4
Judging Books by Covers Q51570251 5
Gloria Has a Belly Full Q51570254 6
Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit Q51570256 7
Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood Q51570257 8
Edith Has Jury Duty Q51570259 9
Archie Is Worried About His Job Q51570260 10
Gloria Discovers Women's Lib Q51570261 11
Success Story Q51570262 12
The First and Last Supper Q51570263 13
The Saga of Cousin Oscar Q51570264 14
Gloria Poses in the Nude Q51570265 15
Archie and the Lock-up Q51570266 16
Edith Writes a Song Q51570267 17
Flashback: Mike Meets Archie Q51570268 18
The Election Story Q51570269 19
Edith's Accident Q51570270 20
The Blockbuster Q51570272 21
Mike's Problem Q51570273 22
The Insurance Is Cancelled Q51570274 23
The Man in the Street Q51570275 24
Cousin Maude's Visit Q51570277 25
Christmas Day at the Bunkers Q51570278 26
The Elevator Story Q51570279 27
Edith's Problem Q51570280 28
Archie and the FBI Q51570281 29
Mike's Mysterious Son Q51570282 30
Archie Sees a Mugging Q51570283 31
Archie and Edith, Alone Q51570284 32
Edith Gets a Mink Q51570285 33
Sammy's visit Q51570286 34
Edith the Judge Q51570288 35
Archie is Jealous Q51570289 36
Maude Q25219113 37 224
Archie and the Editorial Q51570291 38
Archie's Fraud Q51570292 39
The Threat Q51570294 40
Gloria and the Riddle Q51570296 41
Lionel Steps Out Q51570297 42
Edith Flips Her Wig Q51570298 43
The Bunkers and the Swingers Q51570300 44
Mike Comes into Money Q51570301 45
Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1) Q51570302 46
Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 2) Q51570303 47
The Locket Q51570304 48
Mike's Appendix Q51570306 49
Edith's Winning Ticket Q51570307 50
Archie and the Bowling Team Q51570308 51
Archie Goes to the Hospital Q51570309 52
Oh Say Can You See Q51570310 53
Archie Goes Too Far Q51570311 54
Class Reunion Q51570312 55
Hot Watch Q51570313 56
Archie Is Branded Q51570315 57
Everybody Tells the Truth Q51570316 58
Archie Learns His Lesson Q51570317 59
Gloria the Victim Q51570318 60
The Battle of the Month Q51570319 61
We're Having a Heat Wave Q51570320 62
We're Still Having a Heat Wave Q51570321 63
Edith Finds an Old Man Q51570322 64
Archie and the Kiss Q51570323 65
Archie the Gambler Q51570324 66
Henry's Farewell Q51570325 67
Archie and the Computer Q51570327 68
The Games Bunkers Play Q51570328 69
Edith's Conversion Q51570330 70
Archie in the Cellar Q51570331 71
Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig Q51570332 72
Second Honeymoon Q51570334 73
The Taxi Caper Q51570335 74
Archie is Cursed Q51570336 75
Edith's Christmas Story Q51570338 76
Mike and Gloria Mix it Up Q51570339 77
Archie Feels Left Out Q51570340 78
Et Tu, Archie Q51570341 79
Gloria's Boyfriend Q51570342 80
Lionel's Engagement Q51570343 81
Archie Eats and Runs Q51570344 82
Gloria Sings the Blues Q51570345 83
Pay the Twenty Dollars Q51570346 84
Mike's Graduation Q51570347 85
The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 1) Q51570348 86
The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 2): Archie Underfoot Q51570349 87
The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 3): Edith the Job Hunter Q51570351 88
The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 4): Archie's Raise Q51570352 89
Lionel the Live-In Q51570353 90
Archie's Helping Hand Q51570354 91
Gloria's Shock Q51570355 92
Where's Archie? Q51570356 93
Archie is Missing' Q51570357 94
The Longest Kiss Q51570359 95
Archie and the Miracle Q51570360 96
George and Archie Make a Deal Q51570361 97
Archie's Contract Q51570362 98
Mike's Friend Q51570363 99
Prisoner in the House Q51570364 100
The Jeffersons Move Up Q51570365 101
All's Fair Q51570367 102
Amelia's Divorce Q51570368 103
Everybody Does It Q51570369 104
Archie and the Quiz Q51570370 105
Edith's Friend Q51570371 106
No Smoking Q51570372 107
Mike Makes His Move Q51570373 108
The Very Moving Day' Q51570374 109
Alone at Last Q51570377 110
Archie the Donor Q51570378 111
Archie the Hero Q51570379 112
Mike's Pains Q51570381 113
Chain Letter Q51570382 114
Mike Faces Life Q51570384 115
Edith Breaks Out Q51570386 116
Grandpa Blues Q51570387 117
Gloria Suspects Mike Q51570388 118
The Title Atheist Q51570389 119
Archie's Civil Rights Q51570390 120
Gloria is Nervous Q51570391 121
Birth of the Baby: Part 1' Q51570392 122
Birth of the Baby: Part 2 Q51570393 123
New Year's Wedding Q51570394 124
Archie the Babysitter Q51570396 125
Archie Finds a Friend Q51570397 126
Mike's Move Q51570398 127
Archie's Weighty Problem Q51570399 128
Love By Appointment Q51570400 129
Joey's Baptism Q51570401 130
Mike and Gloria's House Guests Q51570402 131
Edith's Night Out Q51570403 132
Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 1 Q51570404 133
Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 2 Q51570405 134
Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3 Q51570406 135
The Unemployment Story: Part 1 Q51570408 136
The Unemployment Story: Part 2 Q51570409 137
Archie's Operation: Parte 1 Q51570411 138
Archie's Operation: Part 2 Q51570412 139
Beverly Rides Again Q51570413 140
Teresa Moves In Q51570414 141
Mike and Gloria's Will Q51570416 142
Mr. Edith Bunker Q51570417 143
Archie's Secret Passion Q51570418 144
The Baby Contest Q51570419 145
Gloria's False Alarm Q51570420 146
The Draft Dodger Q51570421 147
The Boarder Patrol Q51570423 148
Archie's Chair' Q51570424 149
Mike Goes Skiing Q51570425 150
Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye Q51570426 151
The Joys of Sex Q51570427 152
Mike the Pacifist Q51570429 153
Fire Q51570431 154
Mike and Gloria Split Q51570432 155
Archie the Liberal Q51570433 156
Archie's Dog Day Afternoon Q51570434 157
Archie Gets the Business: Part 1 Q51570435 158
Archie Gets the Business: Part 2 Q51570436 159
Cousin Liz Q5178822 160
Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 1 Q50871899 161
Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 2 Q50871903 162
Unequal Partners Q51570438 163
Archie's Grand Opening Q51570439 164
Archie's Bitter Pill: Part 1 Q51570441 165
Archie's Bitter Pill: Part 2: Archie's Road Back Q51570444 166
Archie and the KKK: Part 1 Q51570445 167
Archie and the KKK: Part 2 Q51570446 168
Mike and Gloria Meet Q51570447 169
Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 1 Q51570450 170
Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 2 Q51570451 171
The Commercial Q51570452 172
Super Bowl Sunday Q51570453 173
Aunt Iola's Visit Q51570454 174
Love Comes to the Butcher Q51570455 175
Two's a Crowd Q51570456 176
Stale Mates Q51570458 177
Archie's Brother Q51570459 178
Mike's New Job Q51570461 179
The Dinner Guest Q51570462 180
The Stivics Go West Q51570464 181
Little Miss Bunker Q51570465 182
End in Sight Q51570466 183
Reunion on Hauser Street Q51570467 184
What'll We Do With Stephanie? Q51570469 185
Edith's Final Respects Q51570470 186
Weekend in the Country Q51570471 187
Archie's Other Wife Q51570472 188
Edith vs. the Bank Q51570473 189
Return of the Waitress Q51570474 190
Bogus Bills Q51570476 191
The Bunkers Go West Q51570477 192
California, Here We Are: Part 1 Q51570479 193
California, Here We Are: Part 2 Q51570480 194
A Night at the PTA Q51570481 195
A Girl Like Edith Q51570482 196
The Appendectomy Q51570483 197
Stephanie and the Crime Wave Q51570484 198
Barney the Gold Digger Q51570485 199
The Return of Archie's Brother Q51570486 200
Stephanie's Conversion Q51570487 201
Edith Gets Fired Q51570488 202
The Family Next Door Q51570489 203
The Return of Stephanie's Father Q51570490 204
Too Good Edith Q51570492 205

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