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“Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons”

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Episodes considered

Name Item № in Series Production Code
Season 1
The Mysterons Q2176511 1
Winged Assassin Q2315487 2
Big Ben Strikes Again Q2745204 3
Manhunt Q2490412 4
Avalanche Q952333 5
White as Snow Q2414810 6
The Trap Q3236739 7
Operation Time Q2295818 8
Spectrum Strikes Back Q3231834 9
Special Assignment Q2297526 10
The Heart of New York Q2785259 11
Lunarville 7 Q2665399 12
Point 783 Q2565816 13
Model Spy Q1999767 14
Seek and Destroy Q2031900 15
Renegade Rocket Q2954130 16
Crater 101 Q1913018 17
Shadow of Fear Q685707 18
Dangerous Rendezvous Q2369858 19
Fire at Rig 15 Q252011 20
Treble Cross Q2587120 21
Flight 104 Q2099434 22
Place of Angels Q2852530 23
Noose of Ice Q3146657 24 26
Expo 2068 Q2105086 25
The Launching Q2391845 26
Codename Europa Q2514620 27
Inferno Q1957399 28
Traitor Q2435622 29
Flight to Atlantica Q2209264 30
Attack on Cloudbase Q1947956 31
The Inquisition Q4775742 32

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